Monday, July 23, 2007

I have been dying to write forever but for some reason our computer won't put pictures on our website, so here is a semi-recent one just for kicks (I got it off of Josh's parents comp.)! This is my best friend Olivia Washburn. =) She is nearly 3 years old and we can hardly stand being apart!!! I just saw her and her family today for the first time in nearly a month- it was a jubilee!!! Her mom, Melissa is the next Sister Hinckley.
Josh and I are back in Utah for 3 weeks or so for him to do some high altitude training in Park City with the Nike team. We are so happy to be back with his family for a little while. Josh's brother Spank (his real name is Jared for those of you who don't know his family) is leaving on his mission in 1 week! Josh has been spending as much time as possible with him. Spank is going to Brazil and we are really going to miss him.
Our house is getting fixed up right now and I can hardly wait to get back and see what it will look like. They are painting and fixing some of the bathrooms and doors, etc...I have a million things that I want to buy to decorate with and am having a hard time being disciplined, but all is well, I shall resist....for now!
My cousin Julie and her family came and stayed with us for about 5 in Portland and we had a blast. I didn't want them to leave. Brynlie fell in love with our ice bath. I have pictures but will have to post them later because they are on our computer and ours isn't working right now! The water was on average around 55 degrees and STILL she loved it. She is so polite and funny- a lot like her mamasita.
I'm just rambling on and so I will stop for now but I have tons of pictures to put up as soon as I can get our computer to work!


The Shupes said...

Jena, you are in Utah. I am going to be coming up to Park City this weekend to shop. I would love to see you if you will be there. Please give me a call and let you know. #801-916-2852 Heather Shupe

The Shupes said...

Jena, it was so fun to see you. I meant to take a picture. I am kinda losing my mind lately. But seriously I am so glad that you came to the Outlets. I wish you guys the best of luck. Tell your husband he is one lucky guy. I don't think he could have found someone better than you to support him. Love Heather