Wednesday, October 10, 2007

About the altitude situation. Basically what happens is they seal off our windows (with a clear plastic so we can still see through), to keep from air getting in. Then they have these machines that suck oxygen out and pump nitrogen in. That's the only real difference in altitude- less oxygen, more nitrogen. They say it's best for Josh to train at sea level but to live at altitude; so basically 18-20 hours a day we live at 14-15,000 feet. This just makes it so that he has more red blood cells, which help with endurance, making it so you breath more efficiently? I'm still new to all this stuff too, so I'm trying to explain it the way I hear Josh explaining it to others. However, in my terms...there's lots of big, noisy boxes and tubes that shoot up from downstairs into our living room, kitchen and bedroom that take all my oxygen away! =) As far as the sleeping in seperate bedrooms go....we're down 0-1. Looks like I truly do have seperation anxiety! I'll take the headaches until I get adjusted. And Anita...we'll try to stay out of the house as much as possible while you're here! =)

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Well my dear, I can now make any background on these dang profiles. I hate choosing someone else's work, so I found out the secret. It's just with all the coding...I'll be happy to help! hehe =)