Friday, June 13, 2008

For me, the thought of putting together our necessary food storage supply is perhaps one of the most daunting things I can think of. That's why to this day we'd last all of a best! I just came across this website and am in love with this idea. I am sure there are cheaper ways to do this, but my laziness kicks in and again, that's why we don't have any food storage. So, instead this is the route that Josh and I will most likely go.
You can check out their website if you're interested.
They feature gourmet meals (as gourmet as food storage food can be). All you do is add water to the products, and it stores for up to 20 years. Each package of food has two different meals with about 16-18 servings each and then a Whey Milk subsitute, at $34.95.
Hopefully this is helpful to all you who are looking for hope in this daunting (but wise and crutial) task and it can provide a way to make food storage work for you and your family!


Those crazy Lewis' said...

I'd like to know why are there no pics of your cute little belly (assuming you have one) yet? Any name ideas?

Jessie Evans said...

At the magazine I used to work for, I wrote a feature on that company and was very impressed. If my dad hadn't given me my food storage as a wedding gift, that's the food storage I would invest in.