Friday, January 30, 2009

Calling One & All!

This is not my typical kind of post...actually anything that doesn't include Logan is far from normal.
Last night while Josh and I were watching American Idol, during the commercials FOX showed previews for one of their new shows called Dollhouse. I don't know if any of you have seen the same commericals I have, but when they show the main picture or "page" of the show, showing when it airs, what time is will be on, shows the most horrific picture of the main character. It is nothing short of pornographic! It shows the main character butt naked (from what I could tell) lying on her stomach. Now the way they did the page she is slightly covered from the lighting and editing, but naked enough to tell she's...well...naked! I spent a while last night e-mailing FOX, calling FOX, and calling our local FOX (KPTV) news station to see if anything could be done.
My request is that you call in. I am one person, one voice and frankly I'm sure they could care less...but if enough people call in maybe we can make that difference and help society (TV) return to virtue!
Here is the number to the FOX comment line! 310-369-3066. Thanks!!!!


Jeff and Fawn Hoagland said...

good for you!!
I only watch sports nowadays with Jeff
we don't have cable cause TV is just so evil nowadays
I mean, they don't even make kids cartoons G rates anymore-they're PG or PG 13
just means we need to watch our kids sooooo closely!
I will post this on my blog and facebook too

Anita said...

its frustrating to see what they put on public television. It is making people have to choose not to watch any public shows, just because of the commercials. Mark and I hate it when we go to the movies and have to watch some nasty preview before the good movie comes on. This no cable thing for us has been good. I've heard the best way, and the quickest way to get bad TV off cable is to not watch it and ask others not to. Because if they aren't making money on it, they won't show it anymore. The same thing with pornography, if people stop looking, people will stop selling it. I hope people can find more productive things to do with their time ( like spending time with family) its easy to get sucked in though. Its true about cartoons as well, I was watching cartoons with a little girl I babysat the other day, the only station that didn't have violent cartoons on was PBS. Thank goodness there still are some stations that are decent...

theflanfam said...

I agree. Ridiculous! What is happening?

I thought I would let you know that I may or may not have embarrassed Josh on our Blog (it was Brian's birthday and he is in one of the pictures!)