Thursday, January 01, 2009

Christmas Break

Here is a recap of our Christmas Break. I will try and keep it brief.
Anniversary: Josh and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary on the 23rd of December. Uncles TJ & Alan watched Logan while we went out for dinner and bowling. (Thanks guys!) We had such a great time. It was wierd to be without Logan...even for a few hours! Josh truly is the greatest husband and the most patient and optimistic person I know. These 3 years have been so much fun and are even better now that we have our Logan! I love you Josh!

Depoe Bay: We went to Depoe Bay for a week with my family for Christmas. We had such a good time with everyone. My entire family was able to be there; plus all my grandparents came! Jessi has most of the pictures but she's a bit busy right now! (Her new boyfriend came up from California to see her and my family today. Can't blame her for not getting them to me. We are all so excited about this boy! That's actually a whole other exciting story.)

Some of the highlights from our trip:

-Our 5 mile hike! Thanks to my dad's adventurous side he gets us out, about and doing. The hike was gorgeous, and a good work out. Logan loved being carried by daddy in our Baby Bjorn.

-Swimming! We went swimming & hot tubbing nearly every day. (Alan, don't hate me for putting up this picture, I couldn't resist. It was perhaps one of the funniest things seeing Alan's face in that set of goggles.) We took Logan "swimming" too. We ended up taking off his onsie and we put him in up to his chest. I was afraid it would be way too cold for him, but he LOVED it.

-Christmas day. My dad had a great idea to simplify the Christmas gifts. We did a white elephant theme, but we all had a certain amount of money and it was our goal to get the nicest things we could for that amount of money. Then we all drew numbers and you know the rest...! Everyone had a really good time. We all fought over gifts and ended up with some really cool things.

-Movies & Games. We watched TONS of movies and played TONS of games. We played about 1,000 rounds of "Heck" (or Nerts), Imagine If, Hoopla, Last Word, etc....

-Working Out. Mostly this was done with swimming and hiking. Can I tell you how difficult it has been for me to want to work out again? I did it every day while I was 9 months pregnant, but now...Ugh! It is all I can do to pull myself out the door now.

-Logan. Last but not least, the pictures of Logan are just for fun! I can't get enough of this boy. He is changing so much all the time. He is 8 weeks today.

Some new developments:
-He loves kicking his legs.
-He smiles a lot more often now and is making some ridiculously cute noises. He can almost laugh. When he gets really happy and excited he starts flapping his arms and legs and making cute noises. Love it!
-He's a bit more drooly.
-He loves to be bounced up and down.
-He loves to try and stand up.
-He is very cuddly.
-He is so curious. When he is awake he is constantly looking all around the house at everything. He can see a lot further now (anything is further than 6 inches though, right?).
-He is starting to grow out of his newborn clothes and fit into 3 month old stuff. Crazy!

*This is turning into a novel, so I will wrap it up but we hope you all had a very Merry Christmas. We love our Savior, Jesus Christ and are so thankful for His birth and life.
*Thanks mom and dad for such a fun and memorable week at the coast!

With Great-Grandpa Bob.

With Great-Nana Lovelle


Julie said...

Those pictures are so cute! He looks so much like you Jen. Did you guys put up a shelf above your TV?

Dani said...

That picture of Logan with the beanie on is to die for!!! What a handsome, hip, little guy. Glad you had such a great first Christmas with him. Isn't it the best being with family?!

Anita said...

It looks like you had such a wonderful first Christmas with Logan! Happy Anniversary. I think it is supposed to take a few months for you to want to workout after the baby, that way you spend more time cuddling:-) He is such a cutie! I hope we can see you soon after we have Pax, and we can get a picture of them as little babies still:-)
p.s. your mom is glowing in that picture with Logan, she must be so excited to be a grandma now!

The Bell Family said...

Logan is so cute, and he has the cutest outfits. Glad to hear you had a wonderful Christmas. Every Christmas will just get better and better.

mamasylvia said...

Just what I've been waiting to see. Love those pictures!

nertzfan said...

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Those crazy Lewis' said...

McKenzie and I loved looking at the pictures of Logan. What a doll! What a fun christmas. Happy 3year!

Jeff and Fawn Hoagland said...

you guys have a life like something out of the movies!!
your baby boy is adorable Jenna-say hi to Josh for Jeff and I, we sure miss the ward and all our friends
have a great 2009
Jeff and Fawn Hoagland