Sunday, April 19, 2009

Catching Up!

Once again I have neglected my blogging duties and now feel like there is too much to write.
April has been a great month. We've had a lot of fun sharing the news of our pregnancy with everyone & getting good advice for the upcoming months!

We had Logan's 4 month pictures taken by an incredibly talented, beautifully pregnant woman
in our ward. Thanks Courtney! Isn't he a cutie?

We have enjoyed the many days of glorious sunshine! Thank heavens for the beautiful sun. We ended up buying a double jogging stroller (no point in getting a single at this point), and despite the fact that running makes me grumpy I have actually really enjoyed being outside and running with Logan. I keep getting people informing me that I'm missing 1 child, to which I point to my ever growing belly (not even kidding I am showing ALREADY) and let them know he/she is on the way.
The nearby parks have also become my BFF and I would live there if the house didn't insist on being cleaned. Josh and I have met a few times inbetween his work outs for a picnic at the park, and as you can see from the picture of Logan and me I'm pretty much the only one who was enjoying that moment. Once again, yay for sunshine!
And the last picture is of Logan watching conference. He's such an obedient child. Okay, truth be told, that lasted just long enough for me to take the picture and then he was back to his jumping, hyper self. Logan is definitely full of energy (hmmm...I wonder why?) and has manifested that very early on. I no longer need to lift weights because Logan's #1 activity is jumping. Sure he likes his bouncer, but if he can jump AND have mom or dad then he is in sheer heaven....therefore, I'd say 15 hours of our day are spent jumping. He's going to have some pretty dope quads here soon.
Logan is such a hoot and is so sweet and smiley. He loves to cuddle and hug...which melts my heart every time. Josh is such a good dad and is so good at helping me feel cute and pregnant....not lumpy and chubby. It's funny how when you get pregnant for the first time you can't wait to show and you don't for a long time but you pretend you are...and then the second time around you are showing but really don't want to be that early. At least that's how I feel. Nonetheless, I'm SO excited to be pregnant and to find out what we're having in 5 weeks! I already love this little baby and can't wait to see him/her (and then be skinny again..maybe)!!


Mark and Sherri said...

Hey Jen, so nice to see you looking adorable as usual. I love the pics of the bambino, so cute. Love ya, Aunt Sherri

Jaime said...

Love the pictures, he is just adorable!

Tory said...

I loved this post! I am so excited for you to have two babies...especially since the first one is so handsome. I can't wait to see what baby #2 looks like!

Courtney B said...

:) thanks for the little shout out, it always is nice. you have an adorable kid, it's more his cuteness than my talent i think. hehe.

we have been loving the parks too. we walked over to Orchard Park today for the first time and it is AWESOME. i am sad we'd never been there yet. we're going there for a picnic tomorrow evening.

The Bell Family said...

i know exactly how you feel about showing so soon. do you love your new bob double jogger, we have one too and just love it. we actually got ours last year, we found it on sale and knew that eventually we would have another one. lots of people always gave me confusing looks. glad to hear that you guys are doing so good, love the pictures of logan, so cute.

Carroll Conversations said...

I think you look so adorable always! Even as I passed you jogging the other day.=) I did think for a second about the double stroller, and then remembered the babe in the oven and thought how smart you were to go ahead and get the double now. So excited for you guys.

Chad and Bethany said...

Congratulations guys! We are so excited for another Rohat! You guys are awesome. We love the pics.

Doug & Stef said...

This was a super cute post and you are a cute family!! I love that very first picture of logan in black and white - what a doll! I'm so glad Josh is being good to you - It's been two years and I still have nightmares about pregnancy!! good luck!

Ryan & Rachael said...


How EXCITING! Drink plenty of milk. Babies take lots of calcium from you, and if you don't drink milk, then babies take it from your bones whether you want them to or not. A good friend of mine has osteoperiosis (sp?)-- she only has one baby, but doesn't drink enough while pregnant or nursing. She reminded me, just thought I'd share since your babies will be so close together.

FYI- You might not remember me, but I'm one of the twins, Rachael, from our semester in Nauvoo!

Congrats!! I'm so thrilled for the two of you!

Jefferson said...

I am glad you've been taking advantage of the sunshine! It has been much needed. And again, I am so excited about baby #2 for you! You are going to love having two babies!! What fun little playmates they are going to make. And we will be expecting belly shots in the very near future, if you are indeed showing, as you claim you are.... I have my doubts. :)

Auntie Lyn said...

Just THINKING about running makes me grumpy Jena!! Logan is just too cute! Jaime and Julie couldn't keep their heads out of the toilet long enough to take a walk, not to mention run!! Love ya!!