Thursday, April 23, 2009

Logan's Obsessions!

Logan is definitely becoming his own little person and I just can't get enough. I am constantly oogling over everything he does.

First, look at this face. Oh so cute! (His face and cuteness isn't his obsession but mine. I just can't help myself.)

He LOVES to suck his thumb. It is almost constantly found in his mouth now. Again, oh so cute.

He has started wrestling, hugging, sleeping, and cuddling with his bumper. At first I was really worried that it would be a suffocating hazard, so I took it out but then he would twist his arms and legs in between the bars and start screaming. His bumper is his new cuddle buddy. He loves it and yes, you guessed it, I think it's OH SO CUTE!

If he isn't found sucking his thumb he is found trying to find a way to suck his toes. He tries to rip his shoes and socks off to get to his feet now. He's so much fun!
It is so fun to watch your baby grow. I can't believe he is already almost 6 months old. Being a mom is so hard...just like everyone always says...but honestly how could you live otherwise? I have to give more props to Josh because he is my life saver. I feel for all those who are single mothers...I need my hubby more than anything else.


mamasylvia said...

Couldn't put it better myself ... OH SO CUTE!!! I know that you said he gets the thumb sucking from you, but he sure gets the toe sucking from Josh. His right big toe was always his favorite;)

mom/Anne said...

It's time for a video blog post of Logan bouncing! Love you tons!

Whitney said...

wow! 6 months already! goes so quick huh?

The Shupes said...

He is oh so cute. You are just the cutest mom. I love reading your posts. I guess that is why you are getting another one so soon!! And I loved your political post. I so agree. It is so frustrating I can't stand to watch anything anymore and I just don't get why so many people love him so much.

Jessi said...

I miss my boy and my best friend.. You guys should venture up to Idaho to see me. That would be great!
Love you!

Jaime said...

Does everyone he comes in contact with just wanna squeeze and kiss those little cheeks off?!?!