Wednesday, April 01, 2009

March Update!

This month has been a really good month for us. Things have been pretty laid back for the most part, so I haven't had much to write about. Thankfully my whole family came here the end of the month and saved us from death by boredom. I don't have a picture of us all but everyone in my family, including my grandparents (and Jessica's super dreamy boyfriend) came here so we could go see the broadway show "Wicked"! To say the least it was AMAZING. Everything about it was great...especially being there with my whole fam.

Logan has decided that he is a big enough boy to try and crawl. That's right, CRAWL! He isn't even 5 months yet....Okay, so he's only 5 days away from that but still isn't that early? He loves to spit, eat his hands, wipe his drooly hands all over mommy and daddy, cuddle, bounce, scream and laugh. He gives us some pretty good giggles...and some pretty good yells. Can you tell I'm having entirely too much fun with this boy?

The rest of the pictures are from when we went to a Portland Timbers soccer game. Our neighbor plays for them and he hooked us up with some tickets so we could go watch. It was a ton of fun...even if it was pooring rain the whole time...and the guys next to us couldn't stop using the "F" bomb. What's a soccer game without wasted white trash guys? (Lest I sound ungrateful, I assure I'm was a TON of fun and it gave us a good excuse to (FINALLY) get out of the house.)

One more time...Isn't Logan the cutest boy in the whole wide world? I'm obsessed.


The Bell Family said...

Logan is getting so big and he looks really long. Jealous you got to see Wicked, I want to see it so bad.

Julie said...

Holy cow he's huge!!! I can't wait to see you guys! I love your blue shirt too!