Thursday, September 03, 2009

Normally I don't like to blog about political stuff because I know how controversial it can be, but I feel like there is so much going on that needs to mentioned. If you believe in what Obama is doing because it's your belief, you know the facts and are okay with them then fine- that's your right. BUUTTTT....if you just follow him because he's part of your party, is a good speaker, and has a nice smile then you need (just like every American should) to educate yourself so that you know the facts and aren't just backing him up because of party ties. Unfortunately not long ago I found myself in that same category...not really looking at the facts, just agreeing with anything and everything because...well..."he's republican. Of course he's right." Then I got a big slap in the face and realized how much not only the democratic presidents, but also the republican ones messed us up and have lead us to where we are today.

I don't want to make this a long blog because I know that it really isn't that fun to read long blogs, so I just want to highlight some things that I'm worried about that I think should be brought to everyone's attention. I'm asking you to look into these things, find out for yourself, and to not just sit by (like I have for SOOO long) while our country spirals into chaos. I absolutely believe (my own personal belief) we will be held accountable before God for what we do to support our country and the Constitution.

-President Obama is surrounding himself with some really scary people. I mentioned Van Jones in my last post. He is a communist, served jail time, is a 911 Truther, etc.... (Check out the video I posted earlier.) There is so much that is scary about this guy. Look into it!
-Another one of Obama's Czars, Cass Sunstein wants to regulate the internet. "Barack Obama's nominee for "regulatory czar" has advocated a "Fairness Doctrine" for the Internet that would require opposing opinions be linked and also has suggested angry e-mails should be prevented from being sent by technology that would require a 24-hour cooling off period." (Fairness Doctrine.) this blog post wouldn't be allowed because it isn't pro-Obama. What's happening to freedom of speech?
Sunstein also wants to make it so that your dog or cat could take you to court. Hmmm... that sounds like a great idea. Oh, and he would also like to ban hunting in the US.
-Jon Holdren, the Science Czar wants to put sterilize America through our water system. He believes that government should have control over how many children you have. That isn't a God-given right at all is it? Why shouldn't government have control over this? (Heavy sarcasm here.)
-The whole make over of the Healthcare system is scary. Our current system certainly isn't perfect, so let's fix the holes but don't throw out the whole thing. It would give us crappier care, cost us more money, and frankly, I don't want the government to be in charge of my health care. That is my right, my choice- not theirs. Abortion would be legal and be supported by my tax dollars- NNOOOOO thank you! (So much more info. on this as well that should be mentioned but won't be here.)
-Cap & Trade. This will cost Americans SOOOO much money, close businesses, give government more power, (is pointless- the whole Global Warming in a huge scam in my opinion), increase our taxes, increase our energy costs, ETC...

I'm really worried about these people that Obama is lending his ear to and these other big issues. Does any one else see anything wrong with this?
I've been reading the 5,000 Year Leap, and have been learning a lot about our Founding Father's. I personally believe that they were inspired by God to write our Constitution. What I want for America is to follow the constitution and to turn back to God. The principles they talk about are amazing in that book and (so far) go hand in hand with what I believe in religiously. Less government- more individual responsibility; more faith in God; virtue; pride in America; hard work; frugal living, service (by choice...not by pulling money from my wallet and giving it to someone else who hasn't worked for it), ETC.....

Again, there is so much to write about. I've left a lot of details out; I've left a lot of opinion and fact out and haven't documented my sources, but A) I don't have time, and B) I don't want you to just take my word for it. I cannot tell you how important I feel it is for us to become more active in what is going on in our society. Start small. Start anywhere. Find one thing you're passionate about and follow it- don't feel overwhelmed. Write, call or e-mail your congressmen, senators and the White House.


Josh and Emily said...

I am so glad that you are willing to bring these things up. As worried and unhappy with the country as I am I can't seem to think of anything to do. So I'm glad for your suggestion to just find one thing to really fight for. Thanks

Daniel Edwin said...

Hey this is Dan Blaisdell and the first thing I want to say is that I barely read blogs and I never comment.

I am also really glad you are willing to bring these things up. I think political issues, while they are sensitive issues, are very important and really need to be discussed openly. I'm glad you brought some of these things up and I think government sponsored abortions or government forced birth control are very frightening. I'm glad you are willing to stand for what you believe. I remember your story about asking them to change the music at Nike and I always thought that was cool.

Regarding healthcare, I don't know exactly what I support yet. For those with preexisting conditions, those who are paying out of pocket for their care, and those who would like to see more preventative care, many of Obama's goals give them a lot of hope. The purpose of health insurance is to spread risk. If only the rich, young, healthy people with great employee benefits are able to get it, then there's no point and the system will fail in a few years and I don't see much freedom or good in that. I would like to know if you know of a better alternative than what the democrats are attempting.

While I appreciate your post and share your concerns, as another republican I wish we were more willing to point out the aspects that we do agree with (there has to be common ground somewhere) and offer intelligent alternatives and solutions if we disagree. I think too often we focus on negativity and fear. If that becomes the symbol of our party, then a nice smile and a message about hope and change is going to be much more appealing to voters in the next election.

Heather said...

You might find interesting Peggy Noonan's latest opinion column in the Wall Street Journal. :)

Rohatinskys said...

Thanks for your comment and you are definitely right- I absolutely agree that we need to show what the government is doing right (or at least be willing to admit it), as well as offer alternatives for the things we do disagree with.
As for the healthcare issue- I definitely think it is tricky. I don't know how you make every single person happy and meet all of their needs. There are a lot of sneaky things in the Universal Healthcare plan (like the ones you mentioned)and I think we should get rid of those entirely...obviously!
Some other good suggestions I have heard (which Josh also mentioned on his blog) are doctors getting tax deductions for treating patients with no healthcare. I think that would help a lot of people who can't afford it and also give doctors insentive to keep working hard and helping us. Another thing would be if they opened up health insurance plans from state to state (ex: I could buy a plan from Florida) then that would make the insurance companies become much more competitive and be more affordable and give better care for the people. (One other major thing I see wrong the the universal healthcare plan is that it takes away your freedom of choice. Personally I would rather pay more (which is another thing that actually wouldn't be true- they want to fine you even if you choose NOT to take the gov. health insurance) and have my freedom of choice.)
The main thing that I think we really need is to put God back in our lives. The founders said that this type of republic could only work when the people put God first, and I can see how things are falling apart in our country simply because people don't put God first. Being frugal and living within your means is another huge answer to a lot of societies issues. Both things are so simple, yet we complicate it and try to find all these other solutions to our problems when really it just comes down to the fundamentals of a Christian based lifestyle. I think we need to teach people to work hard & be independent (less gov., more responsibility on the individual, then the family, church, community, sate and as a very last resort the fed. gov.). While I do think there is a place for government and there are things that gov. needs to fix I absolutely believe that most of the issues could be solved by things as simple as the things I've just mentioned- putting God first, living within your means, working hard, serving & looking after the poor and needy, praising men for their good accomplishments and awarding them for their hard work, ETC....For me these things make so much more sense than trying to implement a million different government run programs. These are principles that I feel the Lord would want from us and would support. It is so clear to me that these things create happiness and I feel like that is a lesson that I have learned a lot lately while reading the scriptures- the times the people are the happiest and most successful is when they work hard, rely on God, serve each other, ETC...This is becoming a bit redundant but I'm just trying to make it as clear as possible- sometimes I can't make sense of my own thoughts. I just think that too many people associate these things that I've mentioned a zillion times with negative things when in reality I know that they are the keys to happiness and success and we need to get it back in our minds and in our government that it's okay to sacrifice, do without, be grateful for the things we have, and so forth.

Rohatinskys said...

One other thing that I really like that the founding fathers talked about is having our government officials live off of simple means. They warned that if a lot of money was offered for gov. seats that greedy men would fill them and eventually corrupt our country. They intended for our officials to live simply, abide by all the laws that they set (again going back to health care- none of the federal officials and their families would have to abide by the universal healthcare plan), listen to the people, etc...That to me is another answer and solution- we need to go back to having our gov. officials live on smaller salaries- be on the same basic level as the people. Where there is a lot of money and a lot of power offered you have to be careful.
Hopefully that helps! I know it's long, but there's a lot to be said. =)

mom/Anne said...

Nicely said, Jena. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Daniel Edwin said...

You and Josh both posted some great solutions and I hope some of them get implemented in whatever gets passed. Sorry for not posting sooner. You guys are awesome.

Darin said...

I enjoyed reading this. Thanks for making some good points. If you're interested, here's something I wrote when I learned who would be the new CEO of the USA: