Tuesday, October 06, 2009

More randomness.

Only 2 (or so) more weeks until the baby gets here. It's crazy to think about, but is starting to feel more real. I was looking at Logan's newborn pictures the other day and it made me so excited to have another baby. It's sad how quickly they grow out of that fresh, newborn stage.

Josh got his fall packet of clothes and gear for running today and Logan loved all the boxes and wrapping.

Logan is getting so close to standing on his own. He will stand for a few seconds, but as soon as he realizes he's on his own he falls to the floor. He walks/runs along the furniture but still isn't interested in walking on his own. I'm pretty sure that that's a good thing for us...seeing how shortly my body won't even be able to lay down without hurting. I remember all too well what happens during and after child birth. I'm trying not to freak out about it, but occasionally it scares me silly.

We enjoyed a nice family walk on Sunday through a nearby nature park. We're trying to enjoy our last few days of sunshine. Logan all of a sudden started feeling sick on Sunday...he woke up Monday morning with a terrible cough, fever and sore throat. Turns out he has croop. My poor baby!

On Friday we went to Eugene to watch the BYU Cross Country team run at the Bill Dellinger meet. They did great and we enjoyed catching up with them and his coach. Logan loved playing in the grass (ie: trying to eat the leaves).

This is me (embarrassing) at 37 1/2 weeks. I know I don't look small here, but I actually think I am a tad bit smaller than I was with Logan at this time. However, the past couple days I can't stop eating- he must be going through a growth spurt because I feel like a bottomless pit, so I may not remain "smaller" for that long. =)

Logan and I were crawling around on the floor the other day and he kept trying to wind through the chairs to get to me. He attempted to go underneath this bar....not quite buddy!

Because my belly is always in the way, whenever I hold Logan he has to straddle it. My brother TJ thought this was particularly cute/funny, so we decided to take a picture for him!

As anxious as I am to have our baby here, and to not be pregnant, I also am trying to soak up as much time with Logan as I possibly can. It's crazy to me that this baby will be another person, and not Logan...again. I can't imagine anything different and I can't imagine them being two separate individuals. I can't wait to meet the baby and see how he is alike and different from Logan. I am getting so anxious! My doctor did tell me last week that she won't induce me until I am at least 7 days overdue. Please, can we all pray that I will not be that over due again? =) Seriously...can we?


The Bell Family said...

Jena, once again I just have to say how darn cute you are pregnant, and Logan of course is just adorable. I will definitly keep you in my thoughts and prayers that this baby will be on time if not earlier.

Eric and Hannah said...

You look beautiful! Did u have logan c-section? If not, a bit of good news.Tate was a whole lb and 3 oz bigger than Kenden, but recovery the 2nd time around was like night and day difference. So much better and faster. Didn't hurt nearly has bad. So I hope u have the same experience. That's crazy ur dr won't induce til a week late. Mine said she would induce me a week early. I hope ur lil man just decides he's ready very soon. Logan is such a doll!

mamasylvia said...

How wonderful to see all these new pictures. Never can get enough! Love them ... and all of you!!!! Can't wait to see you all and meet the newest little guy in the family:-)

Scott and Haley said...

This pregnancy has gone by fast! I hope all is well and goes well. You look great for being due in a couple of weeks.

Jessi said...

:D He is the most handsome boy in the whole world! Oh how my heart just melts (It doesn't help that I miss you guys like crazy and I am silly sick not being able to be there for the new one...) You look amazing, honestly. Hate you in a loving way ( ;) ). Muah!

Dani said...

You look so small and beautiful and glowing, and and and! I can't believe you are here at the end already. I will send some early vibes your way. Like I have said all along, you will do great with two little ones and you will love it! (not every minute of it, of course, but all in all). Ia m so excited for you! Bring on the beautiful baby boy!

mom/Anne said...

Oh my, my, my! In dad's words, "You're smitten!!!" Too true it is. Who knew how easily one little grandson could wrap himself around one new grandmother's heart?! And won't we have FUN with a brand new baby brother fresh from Heaven???

The picture of Logan trying to crawl under the chair cracks me up! And I love the pictures with Josh. He's so photogenic.

My bags are packed!

Kim said...

Hey Jena! Love all the pictures. You guys are all so cute. You are adorable prego...how do you do that? Logan is growing up way to fast for me to not be there experiencing it. But, I'll take what I can get on the visits.

Paityn is my most snuggly(is it a word) baby yet...and I think of Logan giving little hugs when she does it. Maybe he taught her how!

I love the name! My friend named her youngest boy that and it is so cute. Congrats on getting that part figured out before going to the hospital...I'm not so great at that part.

We love you guys! Good luck!

Eric and Hannah said...

What's his name?

Jennie and Norman said...

I love taking walks with the boys in that same park on Sunday afternoons! Thank you again for all you did for me last week...you really helped me through a hard time! Let me know if there is anything you need/want (white bread?? Grape juice???)