Monday, November 02, 2009

The boys

Logan is becoming more and more aware that Shaffer is a real human being. For the first week or so Shaffer was an inanimate object to Logan, but now he's starting to realize that he makes cool noises, is fun to look at, and touch (and by that I mean slap). He's always trying to escape to go over to where Shaffer is so that he can watch him.
This is the first time we have actually been able to use this double stroller with 2 kids in it. I felt much less silly with it yesterday than I had the previous 7 months. I always took Logan running (and by that I mean walking) in it and everyone gave me funny looks or told me that I was missing a child. Now I won't get those smirks and questions because I will actually have 2 adorable babies in it. Hooray!
This is Logan's Napoleon Dynamite imitation. He always drinks his sippy this way.

This was both Logan and Shaffer's first Halloween. Funny huh? I was lame and didn't dress them up simply because I didn't want to take them anywhere. I really didn't think it would be smart to take my 2 week old out in the rain and cold. Josh was sick too- so instead we stayed home and carved a small pumpkin, let Logan play with the pumpkin "guts" (and laughed hysterically when he tried to eat part of the pumpkin and found out it doesn't taste very good), made (and devoured) sugar cookies, passed out candy to adorable Trick-or-Treaters, and played games. We still managed to have a really good time despite not dressing up.
We went over to the Hillsboro Farmers Market earlier in the afternoon to check it out. It was fun but very small. We got some amazing flowers, and a scrumptious pulled pork sandwich and hot chocolate. Totally worth it even though we looked at everything in about 15 minutes time. =)

Logan's newest developments are that he loves to point at everything. He also loves music and loves to dance to it. He has a stacking toy that makes music when you touch a button and he is obsessed with it. He figured out how to push the small button, so now it's constantly going off and he bobs his head and kicks his feet to the music. It is adorable!
-He is also learning how to throw a fit. He tried to bite Josh the other day, which as most parents can probably attest to, is actually funnier than anything but you have to play serious so that he knows he can't keep doing it.
-He likes to pull all the books off of his shelf just for kicks- he'll take one or two and put them under his hands and slide them across the floor while he crawls.
-He has the best smile ever. He crinkles his nose and gives the biggest cheeser smile. It melts my heart every single time. He is super friendly and happy- always giving that big smile.

As for Shaffer, he is still sleeping most all day. I love it when he is awake- I think he has the cutest eyes. He just had his 2 week check up and weighed in at 7 lbs, 15 oz. which is nearly a half pound over his birth weight! He was 22% for his weight and 70% for his height- long and lean the nurse said. He is built skinnier than Logan. Perhaps they will prove me wrong, but I feel like even if he and Logan weighed the same that their frames are just different. Logan is built more like me and Shaffer seems to be built more like Josh.
They are both so cute and so much fun. Right now things are actually pretty easy with 2. Do I dare say that? Things are pretty much the same as having 1 because Shaffer sleeps all the time. I'm sure it will get a lot crazier when Shaffer starts to be awake more and when he becomes mobile. We are loving having both of them though and don't have one complaint about having them so close together. We wouldn't have it any other way....not that that means I'm going to do it again this way, but with these 2 we are happy and content. =)


Jaime said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these pictures!! Such handsome little men you hav Jen.

mamasylvia said...

It IS rather funny that Logan would try to bite ... with no teeth yet, even:D Just pray that it doesn't continue after the teeth come in! Can't wait to see you all (in just a few more days!!!) and get to celebrate Logan's birthday and Shaffers blessing. Hmmm ... wonder if we could convince Tara to head up also so that we could celebrate Ty's birthday, too?!?! I know - just a dream. Also can't wait for Christmas when we can have EVERYBODY together! YEA!!!!!

Dani said...

I love that it was both of your boys' first Halloween! That is too fun! And low key is great. Passing out candy to trick-or-treaters is my favorite part anyways. Sounds like you made it fun.

The Bell Family said...

They are so cute! I also loves that it was both their first Halloween, too cute. Sounds like you guys are adjusting really well, so happy for you.

The Bybees said...

Looks like a ton of fun! Way cute pics!

mom/Anne said...

My favorite pictures are 1)Logan sitting on the table playing with pumpkin guts, and 2)Logan in the stroller with his brother, the hat. Logan looks like a little boy in his grown-up coat. He's losing all his baby-ness. Congrats on having a fun first Halloween even though Josh was sick.
I think one of us should tell what Josh said when you told him that Logan has your body-type and Shaffer has his. (wink, wink)

Eric and Hannah said...

Love all the pictures. The boys are so cute!

Jessi said...

So tender! I am dying for Thanksgiving to roll around! Love you :)

Julie said...

What did Josh tell you about the body types? Now I've gotta know! Those pictures are so cute I can't stand it. Put up more!