Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Josh and I celebrated our 4th anniversary before we left for Utah for Christmas. TJ and Alan came to watch the boys for us while we went out for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. We had a 1 1/2 hour wait, so we took our sweet time looking at any and all the stores in the Washington Square Mall. It was heaven! I can't tell you how nice and fun it was to shop and not have to worry about my kids freaking out or running away, or having a poopy diaper or needing to be fed (etc...).
After dinner (which was divine and I ate entirely too much), we went over to Barnes & Noble for a quick look at some books. What we thought would be a quick trip turned in to another hour and a half of pure bliss- walking around without kids and coveting all the books that we so desperately want. Josh and I have both found a love for reading this past year and we walked out with about 20 books to read. We are in love....with books and each other!
Now it's time to get sentimental. I am so grateful for Josh! He is the best husband and father that I know. He is exactly the type of person that I need. One of my favorite things about Josh is that he always gives such good advice- I love turning to him because without fail I always feel better after talking to him. He is so patient, loving and wise. I'm grateful to be married to him and to have this life (and eternity) to work, to laugh, and to enjoy together.
Josh- you complete me! =)

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Tiffany Strong said...

CONGRATS and I can't believe it has been five years!
I also can't believe I missed you over the break. I saw everyone else bowling!
Enjoy your new year!