Friday, December 04, 2009

Thanksgiving Update

Get ready for a picture overload. I never can seem to narrow my selection down very well- there are just too many pictures to put up! They ended up getting put in chronologically backwards, so the first ones are after our Thanksgiving break and then they move on to our time in Klamath!

This is how we make dinner now-a-days. Logan has been a bit clingy lately (he has 2 more teeth (making that a total of 3) coming in), and I think Shaffer believes he should still be nice and warm inside my belly, so he is pretty much attached to my hip 24/7. Now that Shaffer is awake more often I actually feel like I have 2 kids instead of 1 and a doll that occasionally cries. It's a bit hectic, but all-in-all we're doing good, having fun, and I think I still have a little bit of hair left- I haven't quite pulled all of it out yet, although some times at night it is really tempting. =) I love, love, LOVE my boys (hence the pluthera of pictures)!

My mom got Shaffer this little bear outfit that I think is adorable. It did however make me feel like I was carrying around a stuffed animal all day, only pretending it was a real child.

This is Logan's cheeser grin. He gives this to people at the grocery store all the time and they then give him the attention he is asking for.

Logan has also recently started doing this thing where he tenses up and makes that (as demonstrated in picture #2) hilarious face. It is pretty much the funniest thing I have ever seen.

Shaffer is getting so big now. He will be 7 weeks this Sunday. He is starting to look more and more like Logan did at that age. He is a really good baby, and gives us some cute smiles. I wish I had more time to sit and oogle over his cuteness like I did with Logan. I know my love knows no bounds, but unfortunately my time does- I hate that!

This is Sister Jahala Shaffer. I have been in love with her ever since I was a little girl. I grew up adoring her- she's such a tiny sweet thing. This is actually where we got Shaffer's name. When I was pregnant with Logan, Sister Shaffer made a very special blanket for him; her husband was my patriarch, etc...Anyways, they have meant a lot to me throughout the years- hence naming our 2nd son after them! Isn't she adorable?

Jessi and I had a blast going on runs together throughout the week. It's amazing how quickly a run can pass by when you're with someone and having a good time. I wish she and I lived closer and could work out together every day. (Don't judge this scary picture. Yikes!)

Julie and her family spent Thanksgiving with us and then came over another night. I heart her! (As she would say!) We also went to see New Moon together & boy was it good! I didn't think I would like it but I thought it was fantastic. I actually really liked Jacob, where as in the book I hated him.

-Logan and Julie's baby, Dane playing together!

-Logan giving kisses to Shaffer...which actually just means licking him on the head.

-The guys playing bball up at the church on Thanksgiving.

My little brother Travis had his 17th birthday while we were there too. I can't tell you how amazing this kid is! He is such a good uncle (as you can see). He is very well-rounded- he is good at all sports, plays the piano (taught himself and makes up songs!), is a genius, is friendly, kind, insanely righteous and faithful, thoughtful, ETC...Really, this kid does it all. I had to capture these cute moments of Travis playing with Logan because they are so cute together.


mamasylvia said...

So happy to see all the new pics. It helps ease the ache until we can see you all again ... and love on those sweet little guys;-)

Jaime said...

Hi you guys, we were so sad not to get to see you at all last week :(
Glad you had a great trip.
This pick of sis. Shaffer made me teary eyed, I love the Shaffers so much, that is so great that you got a picture of her holding him.
Love all the pictures!!
Love you guys.

Jessi said...

So precious Jen! Now I got to get my lazy bum into gear and post my pictures!

jamie t. said...

Those boys of yours are getting so big. Looks like they are keeping you and Josh busy. :)

Mums said...
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Mums said...

Wow, I love your pics!!! What precious little boys you have...almost like twins...and you are still smiling!! You are amazing! I sure wish we lived closer so I could hug those beautiful little boys!