Wednesday, January 20, 2010

S & L

There are times where Logan is really interested in Shaffer. He gets down on his stomach, in order to be on Shaffer's level, and gives this little giggle of excitement that "the thing" can actually babble, and now smile a bit. He loves to give Shaffer kisses too (like I've mentioned before). He is starting to learn how to give us kisses, but it still mostly consists of his open mouth being pressed against our cheeks. I can't help but love it and shout "yay" and clap enthusiastically hoping that he will take that as a sign to keep doing it (which it is!). So far it's working.

Logan is also obsessed with books. We read the same books 15 times a day. He is very particular about which books he likes and if I even try to introduce a new one he quickly lets me know he isn't interested by either getting off my lap and not pay attention or by pointing his finger and staring intently at his book shelf, signaling that he wants another book. At mealtime his highchair is right by the bookshelf and part way through is meal he remembers they are there and gives that same intent stare and points to his books until I grab one. He actually will refuse to eat until I pull a book from the shelf and start to read. Smart cookie.

Logan HATES to be taken out of the bath. He will sit and play in cold water, or an empty bathtub because I've drained the water because it's time to get out, he will still sit in there and play. SO, yesterday I didn't want to battle his flailing arms and legs and screams by myself, so I took him naked downstairs to have Josh help distract him. Well...come to find out this boy loves to be naked. Thankfully we didn't have any accidents, and this kid ran around for nearly 10 minutes in his birthday suit. Little kid bodies are so dang cute- if only have big thighs and big bellies were that endearing as adults- I would eat all the chocolate and bread in the world!


Julie said...

Shaffer is so much bigger! Wow he's growing so fast. I think he looks a lot like your dad in one of those pictures.

mamasylvia said...

Such precious pictures!! My heart is melting:-) Miss you all!

The Bell Family said...

Wait it isn't cute for grown ups to have huge thighs and belly. Obvisiouly I have been getting a different message than you, just kidding. Your boys are so darn cute. I love his smile. Shaffer is getting big, it really seems like you just had him.