Thursday, May 13, 2010

My love affair with spring

I have a confession to make. Perhaps my blog isn't the best place to make this confession, but I just can't stand to hold it in anymore. So here goes:
I have been having an affair with spring. I just can't help myself- I find that it makes me truly happy, we want to spend all of our time together, we run around together and bask in the sunshine, it is great with my kids and provides endless entertainment opportunities for us, it brings out the best in me, helps me reach my goals, etc.... Really, truly spring and I are meant to be together. I think we might elope and get married, but first I have to propose. I'm not a liker of polygamy but Josh, spring and I are meant to be together FOREVER!

Spring, will you marry me?

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The Bell Family said...

Spring is my favorite season. I love it too. Maybe that's why I got married in May and had two babies in May.