Monday, May 03, 2010

Trip to Klamath

After the wedding the boys and I drove back to KF with my parents. Josh wasn't able to go to the wedding because he was in Boston, getting ready to run the marathon in a few days. I didn't want to be home alone, plus I wanted to help out with the reception, so we got to stay with my parents for nearly a week! It was a blast and we got entirely too spoiled.
Isn't my brother Ty the cutest uncle?

Logan got a MUCH NEEDED hair cut while we were there and was getting the royal treatment...until it turned sour. He was all happy eating a sucker and watching his favorite show on earth...until the dreaded minute came where he decided to flip out. Sticky mouth + hair = VERY unhappy child. Very unhappy child + scissors + loose hair + sticky mouth = HELL! Thankfully nothing happened with the scissors (thanks to Quick Hands Anne), but he certainly let us know he was not happy.
This kid loves to snuggle things. He has a thing for stuffed animals and soft blankets and can't help but snuggle them to death.
....And son has become quite the peeper. This was his first time and we all got a huge laugh out of it. That was a mistake because now he thinks it's pretty funny to do it to all women. Watch out ladies!

Stuuuuuud mufffffin!
What do you do when mommy is busy setting up for a reception?

Won't they make such cute parents?

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The Gerbers said...

First off-
I WANT TO EAT YOUR KIDS UP! Seriously, you have to let me in on your secret to where you get these clothes!! I can't even handle their cuteness.
Logan is starting to look SO much like Josh and Shaffer looks exactly like you!