Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Shaffer's 1st Birthday!

Shaffer had his 1st birthday on the 18th of October! We had a fun day with him and the rest of our family here in Utah.
I can't believe that Shaffer is 1 year old already. It's amazing how fast the time flies when you aren't pregnant. When you're pregnant it seems like the months creep on by, but when you are busy nurturing, loving, admiring, and adoring your sweet little baby the months and years go by faster than a hiccup.
Shaffer is a really good little boy. He has added so much goodness to our family. He and Logan are such good buddies and I think they were meant to be close because they live for each other.

At Shaffer's 1 year he:
-is very ticklish
-loves to play chase
-loves to wrestle (especially with Logan)
-loves his blanket
-loves to be outside
-can walk very well and is trying to start running
-refuses baby food
-drinks whole milk
-loves to play peekaboo
-says mama, dada, and tries to copy some other words
-is very smiley
-has 4 teeth all the way in, and 3 more on the way
-weighed 22 lbs. 11 oz. (50%)
-was 31" tall (85%)

He was not interested in eating the cake or ice cream. By this time it was nearly 2 hours past his bedtime and so he was ready for a nice bottle of warm milk, his blanket and his bed.
Shay was actually semi-interested in his gifts.
Josh made Shaffer's birthday cake this year. It's always somewhat of a joke because Josh isn't patient enough to cook top ramen, let alone do anything else that requires some serious time, and effort. He is fiercely competitive though, so when the whole family starts questioning if he really can make a good birthday cake he not only makes the standard cake, he goes the extra mile and does something pretty fancy! Josh is just that way- no matter what it is he is amazing at it. It doesn't matter if it's his 1st time at something, he always seems to blow people out of the water. I'm a tad bit jealous! =)

We love you, Shaffer (/Shay/Shaf)!!!

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The Constantines said...

Wow. Josh, the one man wonder! I am VERY impressed. I was thinking that Albertsons just did a nice arrangement for ya, and that you were going to say "JUST KIDDING" any second, but nope! Joshy is the man! :) I love seeing the boy's faces- keep it comin' sis! :)