Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Time to blog pretty much doesn't exist and yet I still feel like I want to keep up on it. 
We just moved into our house (that we're renting) in Lehi (UT) last Wednesday.  We are mostly settled in, minus putting up pictures. Josh and I are both a little on the OCD side and can't rest until we have everything unpacked and put away. 
We LOVE the new house. It's more space than we've ever had and we thank Heavenly Father for it every day. The boys actually have a play room where they can take out all their toys and play 'till their hearts are content (and I'm not picking up toys 24/7). 

Josh continues to love his job and he rocks at it. 

Josh and I are going to be running in the Grand Teton Relay with some friends in a little over a week. I am incredibly nervous about it but excited for the challenge too. 

I LOVE our new house. I LOVE my kids and I LOVE being settled now and back into our normal routine. 

Oaklie is 6 months old now! I don't know how exactly that happened so fast but it did. She is starting to crawl and sit up on her own. 

We have a friendly neighborhood cat that the boys love. Shaffer is such an animal lover- which reminds me of my brother Ty. 
They boys LOVE the house and the space. Every day Logan comes up to me and says,"Mom! This is my favorite house EVER!"

Brownies anyone?

We took the kids to Seven Peaks a few weeks ago. They had a blast with their cousins!

I love this boy!

...And this girl!

We took Logan to the track to let him run. He's a fast little guy so we wanted to see how fast he could do a lap in (with zero expectation or care if he liked it or ran fast at all...only for fun). He ended up running a lap in 2:32. I thought that was pretty good for a 3 year old.

My sweet Shaffer is so cute! He loves lining everything up. 


Jenna said...

super cute pics & so glad to hear all is well. being settled in is so key to happiness for mommmy & kiddos for sure.

The Constantines said...

I miss you guys so much. You all look amazing!