Friday, August 10, 2007

Perhaps I'm the only one who will enjoy these pictures, namely b/c Josh doesn't have a shirt on but also b/c I think that watching him run is inspiring. Here are just a few from the other day. I decided to tag along and watch him do a work out. He had to do part of it on the track and then the other part was up this incredibly steep hill. You probably can't even tell in the pic. but the hill was almost inverted it was so blasted steep. Afterwards his legs were hurting pretty bad and he couldn't ice them b/c the BYU track office was closed, so instead we resorted to the Provo river. Apparently it's pretty dang cold...even in the summer. He has been doing a lot of extra strength and flexibility exercises, and so the other night after our run me and Josh's sister Tara decided to join him. We were all in the living room doing these ridiculous looking jumps and kicks! I can't begin to paint you this picture but for those who were outside looking in it was quite the sight. We looked like monkeys.

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