Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Josh and I are still in Utah and we were lucky enough to catch a number of special occassions:
#1- Spanky left for his mission! We got our first update today and he is doing great in the wonderful land of Brazil. It turns out that everyone there thinks he is Brazillian and so he has a hard time explaining how he's just really, really tan and is actually from Utah!
#2- Josh's mom and sister have had birthdays. It's a tradition in the family to go out to dinner and then come back and have cake and ice cream and open presents. I've eaten more sweets than a human should be aloud to.
#3- Sweet Olivia had her 3rd birthday. She decided that she wanted an Ariel party, so her mom made her an Ariel cake (The most amazing cake I've ever seen! I have to get pictures)! I stayed late there and then Olivia and I just couldn't part so she came home with me and we had ourselves a big girl sleep over. It worked out perfectly because Josh was in Park City that night for some running, so I was all alone anyways. Olivia and I partied hard. =) She is the cutest girl ever.
#4- Josh's sister Tara is here from San Diego to. Her and her husband Paul are going to Hawaii for a week and are leaving their kids with Grammy, so she flew out here to deliver them and say good-bye to Spank! Tara is such a good mom. I've learned a lot from her and hope that I can be a good mom like her. She is so active and involved with Ty and Tate.

Other stuff: As bored as I am most of the day I have to confess that I am loving Josh's career. I don't know how I'm going to get a job when I get back home or what the heck we're going to do when he's all done running and actually has to do the whole 9-5 thing. This is our day: We wake up together, eat breakfast together, work out together, come home together, take a nap together, then he does his second work out alone which takes another 2-4 hours and then we have the rest of the night...together!! Is this not the life? Anyhow, this is turning out to be another novel, so....The End!

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