Monday, November 05, 2007

These pics are of Josh after the race. The first is obviously of us, 2-us with Coach Eyestone, 3-us at Time Square, 4-Me and Josh's parents at the M&M store!
You have to take taxi's everywhere you go, which stinks because they are expensive and hard to get! On our way home from Time Square, after about 20 min. of trying to get a cab Josh's dad finally wrangled one for us, but the cab driver and this guy on a bike were going at it for some reason. The "F" bomb was thrown down every other word (LITERALLY). I'm such a baby anyways, so I was freaked out of my mind. I just sat there waiting for one of them to pull out a "9" and shoot us down. Maybe that's a little over the top, but I'm telling you they were verbally massacring each other.


Lauren said...

Sounds like you had a fun trip, despite the frightening swearing you heard. haha. It's funny how sheltered you are. Don't worry, that's a good thing. Congrats on the race, Josh! You did so awesome.

Jessi said...

Jena Anne! You are so cute! I am glad you posted the stuff about Josh's race. What a freakin studd! Call me I want to chatt your ear off! ;) Love you both :)