Monday, November 05, 2007


I'll try to sum up this whole weekend without writing a novel. Josh had his very first (debut) marathon this past weekend (Sat. Nov. 3). He finished 9th with a time of 2:15:22. We had no idea what to expect, for all we knew he could have won the thing or not finished, so we were really happy with 9th place. There were 140 runners and seeing how it's the Olympic Trials they are the best runners in the USA. About a week or so before the trials Josh started getting some pain in his anterior tib, which basically put him out until the trials, however, they gave him a cortisone shot to numb the pain. Unfortunately that shot wore off around mile 13, so Josh was dealing with (perhaps) a broken leg for half the race. So....all things considered we were very, very happy that he did so well. He will start training for the Olympic Trials 10k which will be in June 2008, so at least he's got another chance for Beijing, China.
Josh's coach (Ed Eyestone) from BYU did some of the announcing at the trials, so it was fun to see him there. After the race Josh got cleaned up and wanted to go see some of the sites, so we headed off to Time Square with his parents and walked around for a while. I have to confess that NY is not my type of town. I thought Portland was congested but comparatively speaking I now feel like I have all the room in the world. It was neat to see, but I have no desire to live there or even visit much.
The night before the race NIKE had a big dinner with all the Nike athletes who were running, so of course Josh and I went, but it was so amazing. I've never really been star struck but I have to confess that sitting at dinner with 6 Olympians was quite...amazing, for lack of a better word. I got to talk about baby names with Sheyne Cullpepper (Alan Cullpepper's wife-they are both 2 time Olympians)!
Anyhow, it was very fun and very exciting to watch Josh race. He did awesome, especially for his first marathon!


The Macdonald family said...

Josh just should have started pushing people down when he was in that big crowd of people. Narrow down the competition. :)
You did awesome Josh! Jena, you crack me up. I'm glad no one pulled out a "9" or "busted a cap" on you!

Shannon said...

Ha Ha Ha..I'm sorry your first experiance with NYC was so tramatizing! Hopefully it won't be your last and you'll get up the courage to see it again! Congrats to Josh for doing so well!!! I was a little worried after hearing that someone died during the race, but glad everything turned out great sans the pain. Beijing here you come!

Lynn & Anne said...


Brian & Emily said...

Jena you are so cute! I totally hear you on New York -- we went back there last December and didn't exactly have a dream vacation either:) Congratulations to your hubby on the marathon -- that's amazing!
And baby names? Hmmmm....did I miss a post recently?! I'll have to check again!

The Shupes said...

Wow Jena it is all so amazing and I wish Josh and you the best of luck in everything and hope to see him in the Olympics!! And by the way the house isn't that big, but it is plenty for us and gives us room to grow as a family!! I can't wait. So you are picking out baby names huh??

Those crazy Lewis' said...

Wow! what an amazing experience. I love the pictures of you guys! What an awesome couple. Good job Josh. By the way this is Adrienne