Thursday, November 29, 2007

I've been tagged by Heather Shupe!!
6 new/interesting things most people wouldn't know about me. This might be nearly impossible since everyone who looks at our blog is related to me or a very close friend!

1. I am terrified of homeless people, scary hotels, and loud noises. I hate to vacuum for that very purpose. Nearly any loud noise, bum or run down place makes me want to curl up and hide.
2. I love to work out. I crave it when I miss a day. I love to sweat and know that I’m doing something good for my body. (Either that or I have to do it so I don’t feel guilty when I eat things like a 7lb chocolate cake.)
3.I want to be amazing and spiritual like Sheri Dew, Sister Hinckley and Melissa Washburn. I have read every Sheri Dew book nearly 10 times.
4. I sucked my right thumb until I was 12, so now it’s shaped like a pacifier.
5. Sometimes I stuff my shirt to make it look like I’m pregnant and I’ll sit in my room for hours adoring my stomach and listening to my i-pod.
6. I hate to fight. If Josh even looks at me the wrong way I nearly have a break down.

Now I tag: Julie, Jessi, Anita & Looby.


Shannon said...

Remember when you went to Chigago and the guy tried to shine yours shoes and then chased you down the block...that just reminded me of your #1...and I never knew about #5 but I want to know if you sing along to the songs...that would make it even better!!! lOvE yA!
P.S. Call me!!!

The Shupes said...

I love the stuffing the shirt one!! You are going to love being a mom! And when the baby comes you will just sit and wonder how this baby is yours! It is truly the most amazing thing in the world!!

Jaime said...

Jena you totally made my day, how funny you are!! I usto go into Motherhood maternity for that very reason, they have fake bellys you can strap on. I once spent 40 minutes in the dressing room making a baby name list, drinking a snapple and wearing my velcro belly. Hehe

Those crazy Lewis' said...

Jena you are possibly one of the funniest people I know. Why can't we live closer? Adrienne