Saturday, January 26, 2008

Racing again!!!
Josh has officially started back up with racing. He's been traveling tons (entirely too much, I say. I think I have seperation anxiety....sad story really)! NIKE flies him to Boise, San Jose, NY, Seattle, just do work outs. He's in Boston right now to run a short 3k race/work out for the Reebox indoor meet. He ended up taking 6th, with a time of 7:52.
He has a 5k coming up this next weekend in Seattle, then USA XC Nationals (12k) February 16th. If he places in the top 5 or 6 at USA's he goes on to compete at World's, which is in Ireland this year! After that I'm not sure when or where he'll be racing, but it's all in prepartion for the Olympic Trials 10k on July 4th! It's all rather nerve wrecking really, but terribly exciting at the same time.


The Bell Family said...

That is really exciting, hopefully he makes it to Ireland and maybe you could go to. You need to post more photos of your house, so we can see how cute you have decorated it.

Anita said...

My goodness that is a lot of traveling....I miss Mark just when he goes to work, I can't imagine a few days!!!! Nice runnin Josh, you keep Mark and I proud :-)

Anita said...

P.S. I forgot to mention cute back round and picture!!! You look gorgeous as always Jena bena!!!

Laur said...

Yippety Skippety! They are either starting filming in Portland or they are just looking for a Jacob Black, and having a casting call for him there. And on her website there is a form to fill out if you want to be in extra!! P.S. I am moving in with you so that we can stalk Edward. lol =)

The Bullocks said...

Way to go Josh, You da Man. Maybe Nike could send you to Spokane for a run, not to exciting, but lots of snow. Good luck in your races


Those crazy Lewis' said...

I think that all of that traveling is dope! Jena, do you ever get to go with Josh so you can give him a kiss at the finish line?

Give Josh our best. We think about him running all of the time and we'll send some good karma you guys' way!