Sunday, July 05, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

How cute is he? I set him down to get a few pictures and he ended up posing perfectly- crossing his legs and resting his arm on the arm chair. Awww. Tender!
We ended up being somewhat lazy- watching a mere 5 or 6 fireworks that illegally went off in our neighborhood (not by us). TJ, Alan, Brad & Molly all came over for a potluck/BBQ. Unfortunately I didn't even pull out the camera. I love having my brothers (all but Trav man) here where we can get together so often.
(PS. Check out this chair that my AMAZING Auntie Lyn recovered for us. She did it better than a professional. I covet her talents.)


mom/Anne said...

I LOVE this picture!!! Logan is so precious. And the chair turned out great. Aunt Lynnie is truly amazing.

mamasylvia said...

What a CUTE picture:-0 Hope he can keep on being a great little poser! Gotta love pictures like these.

Jenny said...

Ahh, he looks SO much like Josh in this picture! He's adorable, as always :)