Sunday, July 05, 2009

Our Sunday Best!

Here is a hodge podge of blog posts to cue you in on what we've been up to.

These pictures are from this afternoon. I decided to make some cupcakes and in the middle of my project Logan was wanting some love and attention, so I pulled him up on the counter and he loved licking & checking out the spatula of frosting. It ended up being quite the messy activity- which I had anticipated- but boy was it fun.
Afterwards he (and my entire kitchen) needed to be cleaned. I started out just by washing his face in the sink, and he didn't want to stop playing with the water, so instead we took up messy project #2 and let him have a hay day in the kitchen sink.
Oh the things you'll do, the messes you'll make all to see your little baby giggle and smile.


mom/Anne said...

This looks like too much fun!!!

mamasylvia said...

Oh, how I wish I could be there to see all the fun things as he grows. How lucky he is to have a mommy & daddy who can let him explore and enjoy his messes. It's just all soooo cute!! Can't wait to see you all:-)

Jessi said...

I should be studying right now, but your blog was calling my name. I cannot comment enough on how incredibly adorable my nephew is!! Sheesh!! He is honestly the cutest little boy in the whole world!! It's fun to see you doing messy things with him just because you love him oh so very much. You're an incredible mom sis! Can't wait to see you :)