Monday, July 13, 2009

What's another 18 million?

This is taken from Glenn Beck's newsletter that we get. Just another example of how great our government is!

"$18 million...for a website?
Normally this would be a number no company would ever, EVER, shell out for a website. Unless of course, the company is the federal government! The $18 million, mind you, is not for the creation of a website -- it's for the redesign of the site. The site, (which Joe Biden couldn't remember the 'number' of) is supposed to track where stimulus money is going. For $18 million the site itself should be creating jobs -- but let us not be completely negative. Glenn tries to find the positive in the situation. ( Transcript, Insider Audio)."

One word can pretty much sum up how I feel about this- Brilliant! (Oh wait...just kidding.)


Tory said...

I love when you post stuff like this. We love Glenn Beck also. Tyler just bought all his books last week. They are really good!

Andrea said...

Hey we wanted something different and boy did we get it! Better be careful what you wish for you just might get it - ha ha! Luke and I really enjoy listening to Glen Beck! Hope you are doing well and Logan is amazingly adorable!