Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Shaffer's Blessing.

We decided to bless Shaffer while both of our parents were here. The blessing went really well- Josh was really touched by the spirit and gave Shaffer an amazing blessing. I am so thankful for the priesthood and for what it can do for us as families. It's moments like these that I realize how grateful I am for the church. I know it is true!
Shaffer is such a cute little boy. He is getting cuter and cuter every single day. He is starting to be awake more (except at night...funny how that works). I love his eyes- they are adorable. Logan has learned how to give him kisses...which actually just means that he opens his mouth and puts it on Shaffer's head. I still encourage it though because he likes to do it and it's adorable (and better than a smack to the head). I'm so grateful for all of my boys. Luckiest. Woman. Ever!


Tori said...

I love their little ties...so cute!

The Casper Cousins said...

Hi Gang, The pictures are sooo cute. All the pictures are great, however, the ties and the white shirts are awesome. We wish you all well. " The Casper Cousins".