Monday, February 01, 2010

Portland Children's Museum

My friend Darcy and I took our boys to the Portland Children's Museum a couple of weeks ago. Her little boy Grae is nearly a year old now too, so we were hoping that maybe he and Logan would be able to enjoy some of the toys that they had.
They actually did seem to enjoy themselves with some of the toys/rooms there, but most of it was for older kids. It was a little hard to manage strollers, purses, and the kids but we had a good time anyways.
Both Logan & Grae LOVED the water part. They were both too small to reach anything on their own, but with a little help they were able to splash in the water and occasionally try to drink it (Goo!).
Logan was obsessed with the "truck". He has this thing for cars. Any time we get in ours he cries and screams because he wants up in the front by the steering wheel where he can touch buttons, honk the horn and turn on the hazard lights.

Shaffer doesn't look to enthusiastic about being there, does he? And frankly he wasn't really. He didn't act up at all, he just was along for the ride and acted quite bored. One day my boys will be old enough to enjoy things like this....And at that time I'm going to have to invest in some of the harnesses that look like monkey backpacks but really are like human leashes.

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Jessi said...

Soo precious! Love this!