Monday, February 01, 2010

I have nothing cool to say for a title.

Logan has this thing for stealing Shaffer's pacifiers. He hasn't used one since he was around 3 months old, but for some reason it tempts him every time he sees it in Shaffer's mouth. He gets all giddy when he finally swipes it without me seeing and I'm pretty sure he feels super cool with it in his mouth- just like little brother!

This past weekend we went over to my brother TJ's house. He and Alan just got their great dane, India, back from Alan's sister and it was funny to see Logan around her.
Thankfully she is really easy-going, gentle and doesn't bark. India is taller than Logan, so it was funny to see his reaction every time she walked past him.
We caught Logan a couple of times trying to play in/drink India's water. NASTY!
Alan's sister had 3 of her kids there and boy howdy were they sweet as ever. Shelby is 11 and I LOVED talking to her. She kept saying this like, "ball of fun", and "kadiddles" (that means kids), etc...they are from the country and we had a great time with them. Plus, they kept my boys the whole entire time- I was hands free for nearly 3 hours.

I was getting both boys ready for the bath and realized how cute they were in their diapers. What is it about babies with no clothes on that makes you want to giggle because it's so cute?

We took Logan to the little playground that is right in our complex. I don't know what they were thinking when they built it because it is the worst playground ever. It's all metal, climbing equipment. With how much it rains here in Portland- metal + climbing + water don't exactly seem that smart to me. He had a good time walking around in the bark though....I'll give them props for that! =)


Courtney B said...

sometimes coming up with a title is hard.

also, that last picture of you and Logan is super adorable. love it.

Julie said...

I love your updates Jen. Your boys are getting so big! And where did you get that cute shirt on the first pic? I want it !

Jessi said...

Oh so cute! I love this! Richard had to just laugh at me because I am all gooey and giggly looking at your pictures! We only have two weeks sis!!!!!! :D PLAY TIME!

mom/Anne said...

Oh my goodness what cute boys!!! I can't wait to hug and kiss them! Look how much Shaffer is growing! And I just had to laugh at how tickled Logan is with himself for getting that pasifier! Too cute for words!