Sunday, March 14, 2010


To preface this post (I have a tendency to preface everything) I want you to know that this is a post about my goal to lose some weight. First off, please don't be judgmental of anything I write (that's more sarcastic than anything...but seriously...please don't be!); secondly, I am writing this and posting it for all eyes to see because I need someone to be accountable to...many someones.

After having 2 beautiful babies, having the biggest sweet tooth on the face of the earth, and zero self-control whatsoever I still have 4 pounds to shed before I am back to "my fittest self". I have this tendency to feel really good about myself, then I justify eating tons of junk food (Blasted chocolate, why do I love you so?) and then comes the feeling of guilt and remorse, followed by a determination to "do better", only to repeat the cycle a few days later (or the very next day- details shmetails). AND is my attempt to really be accountable and to reach my goal.

Here is what I have come up with:

-Make sacrifices in order to feel good about myself
-Be "X" lbs. by my sister's wedding- April 13th

-Count calories (I've already set the amount that is going to work for me & my work outs)
-Work out 5-6 days a week
-Don't buy or eat any junk food or chocolate (I do have these 100 calorie fudge bars that I am allowed to have once a day because frankly, if I were to say NEVER any chocolate I'd probably be caught in the pantry at midnight rebelling.)
-Do eat healthy/low calorie snacks
-If in need, call Josh, mom, or Jessica for support

Again, in no way is this being put on here to make any one feel bad about themselves, or to look down on me, it's just something that I need to do to help me reach my goals and to feel best about myself. I am interested to know what you have done to lose weight and what you do to feel best about yourself physically and mentally. Does it just come naturally for you? Because it certainly doesn't for me.

Thanks for indulging me!


jamie t. said...

I think that is wonderful! I don't think that you need to be sorry for wanting to get in shape and feel better about yourself. Way to go! I can't wait until after this baby is born to get back into awesome shape. There is a time and season right?

When I was doing my best was when I was counting calories and being accountable. (My mom sisters and I would email each night what we had eaten and what we had done for exercise) It was nice to have support when you would have a bad day and nice to get a "way to go" when you had a good day.

Jenny said...

Jena, Jena, Jena. I won't say what I'm thinking for real, lol...

But not buying sweets when you have a sweet tooth is probably one of the best things you can do for your diet. Don't go to the grocery store hungry and right before you check out, look into your cart and ask yourself if all those foods will help you meet your goal.

We all know you'll meet your goals because, well, you're Jena. 4 pounds is nothing :) Good luck!

Tiffany Strong said...

Jenna I think that you are beautiful and I know everyone else feels the same way. But we also know that it is how you with that said I am here for you!
I know you can do anything you put your mind to.
I love you and believe in you. You are wonderful and have a lovely family to support you. (Friends are family too in my book)

Doug & Stef said...

4 pounds - that's nothin girl! for having 2 babies so quickly you look fantastic. You can always try I had a really hard time losing my baby weight (much more than 4 pounds) and this helped me be "accountable." Good luck and keep us updated - it motivates the rest of us too!

Whitney said...

I like it, good for you. I'm in a bad stage now too... adicted to treats. I remember when I was about to eat a treat/snack that I really didn't need (ie: I wasn't hungry) I'd stop and do 50 crunches instead. It helped me remember my fitness goals! don't know if that makes any sense to anyone else, but hey, it worked for me. give it a shot if you like!