Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Growing, growing, growing...

Not much has been going on lately. It's always this time of the year when I really start feeling bored- it must be the rain, and cold weather that keeps us cooped up indoors all day.
Today we had a nice day, so I took the boys for a walk in the park and boy howdy did we have a good time. Logan was a big help and a gentleman and helped me push the stroller. Awww! I'm pretty sure he thought he was in heaven because he could run everywhere. The one bad part about this park is that there are a million ducks and geese and so the sidewalks are COVERED (emphasis added) with fecal matter. And when you have a 16 month old who is running and then trips over his feet and puts both hands on the sidewalk and then cries and puts his thumb in his mouth for comfort it isn't pretty!

Shaffer and Logan are really starting to have fun together. Shaf has started smiling at Logan and boy does he eat it up.
One of Logan's favorite things is for me to put Shaffer in his crib in the morning with Logan. He thinks it is the funniest thing in the world, and will lay down next to Shaffer and kick his legs and giggle like crazy.
He also likes to lay down underneath Shaffer's bouncer while Shaf is in it, and try to get in the swing WITH Shaffer. He is all about his little brother. He gets lots of attention when he gives Shaffer kisses, so he does it A LOT, and thankfully that's his attention-getting outlet, instead of hitting or slapping.

Shaffer rolls over non-stop now, giggles often, smiles easily, and is a really happy baby. He doesn't like to be on his own much anymore, but that's okay.

Logan still has 4 teeth, but has either 6 or 8 working their way in- including his molars. This poor boy is in a lot of pain, but he's handling it like a trooper (....sometimes)! He LOVES attention, LOVES to be held, run, suck his thumb, The Backyardigans (I swear I'm a good mom), and has this fake laugh that is hilarious.

Today was not my best day but writing this made me realize how much I love my kids and how adorable they really are. On one hand I can't wait for them to grow up and be more independent, but when I take time to look at their pictures and cherish the moment I don't ever want them to grow up. This is my reminder to live in the moment more and to not let the little things get the best of me because before I know I'm going to be kissing these two good-bye as they leave for their missions and I'm going to be in my closet balling my eyes out and wondering how the time went by so fast. Too sad to think about....I'm off to cuddle with them!


Eric and Hannah said...

They are both changing so much! There so cute together! I love that pic of shaffer grabbing Logans arm, too cute! Oh and Kenden and Tate are 17 months apart!

mamasylvia said...

Oh, how my arms ache to love on these sweet little guys!! SOOO adorable=)

The Bell Family said...

They are adorable. You are still a great mom if Logan watches some backyardigans. Olivia has to watch one movie a day and I'm fine with that because that is when I get some dishes done and laundry folded. You know being a mom is HARD, but so worth it and I know you know that, just don't let the stress get you down.