Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Just over a week ago Josh had a half marathon in New York. He ended up doing really well- taking 6th, with a time of 61:55 (that's 4:43 a mile folks!). He is getting ready for the Boston marathon in 3 weeks.
While he was in NY, I took the boys to Klamath. I am not yet brave enough to be alone with my boys for 4 days! We had a great time (although the drive was horrific). My brother Travis came back with us because he had spring break, and then my parents came up a few days later and hung out for the weekend. Once again we had a good time and I am so grateful that we live so "close" to them.
Shaffer is nearly 5 1/2 months now, and is in the beginning stages of learning how to crawl. In no way has he figured it out but you know how they are when they start the learning process. It's amazing to me that my baby is already learning how to crawl.
I was putting some of his newborn and 3 month old clothes away yesterday and was actually really sad that he is growing out of them so fast. I think it is different this time around because with Logan, by this time, I was already pregnant again and so I knew that the newborn/early baby stage was just right around the corner, but now that I am (100%) not pregnant and I am putting these things away, uncertain of the next time they will be used it makes me feel...sad...kind of.
Shaffer is a really happy baby. He smiles and laughs all the time. He is very ticklish, and is positively adorable. He is more calm than Logan was at this age, and seems to be more content.

I can never catch Logan sleeping because the second I even slightly pop open his door he is awake, but I caught him in a deep sleep and had to capture how cute he is asleep. He LOVES that blanket and would carry it with his everywhere if we allowed it.
He also loves silverware. I am strictly forbidden to feed him without giving him his own spoon or fork.

He has this new fetish for throwing anything and everything down the stairs. Lately it has been our shoes. He gets the biggest kick out of watching them tumble to the bottom. If there are any that only make it half way he slides down and throws it the rest of the way.

We were in Albertsons the other day and he grabbed a Snickers from the check out stand. We nearly left without paying for it, but he managed to sucker me into getting it for him. I thought he would only eat a bite or so but he nearly devoured the whole thing! I'm a good mom like that. =)


mamasylvia said...

Such cute pictures of your little guys. (And the big one isn't bad either;-) Miss you all and love you soooo much!!

Whitney said...

tell josh good luck at boston. you going with?

Jessi said...

Oh warm my heart to the core sister! I love your sweet little pictures. Josh's update was way fun too- Richard and I have been running lately which has been fun, but I look at his 4 min pace and want to throw up a little bit! ;) What a stud muffin you're married to!