Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Photo Tag

My friend Whitney tagged me in a "Photo Tag". Rules are that you have to take the pictures how your house is now- no cleaning up. Here goes:

Kitchen sink:

Favorite room:

Favorite pair of shoes:
(They look pretty battered here don't they? I swear they really are cute!)


Laundry room:

Bedroom closet:
(Now you know I am much less organized when things can be tucked away by a door or a drawer.)

Our bathroom:

What the kids are doing now:
This is pretty much how you can find Logan all day long. He is such a clingy little fellow. =)
Shaffer being babysat by the bouncer (aka: Uncle Monkey).

Self portrait:
(All I have to say is it's a darn good thing I didn't decide to do this a few hours ago.)

Now I tag:
Sian, Jamie Tonks, Jaime Olsen, & Tory M.


Jaime said...

Oh Jena, if I actually did take you up on this tag... I would for sure have to lie a little and clean at least some before I showed the blog world my messy house!! You would be embarassed for me.

The Bell Family said...

Cute, I did take you up on the offer and have done this post. Your house is crazy neat!

jamie t. said...

Nice try Jenna! Your house is too skinkin neat. Great for you.... but makes mine look like... well you know. I love you anyhow :)