Saturday, April 10, 2010

Power of Moms

I've talked about this book that I have read a couple of times, called, "A Mother's Book of Secrets", by Linda Eyre and Shawni Eyre Pothier. It is THEEEEE most amazing book and I look at it all the time. (Shawni's youngest daughter, Lucy has been diagnosed with a rare syndrome called Bardet Biedl, which causes blindess between ages 9 & 15. All proceeds go to research to help with her issues.) Shawni has a blog that I like to keep up with, and from her website I found this other website designed by her sister called the "Power of Moms". Not only is it an amazing website with lots of things for mothers but they have this thing called "Learning Circles". Basically it's a group of 8-12 moms who get together once a month for a girls night out, but with a purpose in mind. Each month you have a short article to read through and it has questions and goals that you go through personally and then you meet up at the end of the month with the other moms, have some yummy snacks and talk about what you learned.
There is a group of girls that I have gotten together with to do this moms group and I cannot say enough good things about it. I LOVE the articles. Each month focus's on something different and I have learned so much from them and from the other moms. It makes me want to be a better wife and mother. I cannot recommend it enough. You have got to check it out.
If you start up today you get $20 off the original price. Who doesn't want a fun way to get together with friends and improve who you are as a person and mother?


Jaime said...

I have followed her blog for a long time and she is just amazing, and talk about a BEAUTIFUL family!!!

Rachel said...

I love "Power of Moms" too! Thanks for inviting me into your circle! I put it before book club b/c I'm not a reader, and because I love learning from other moms like you.