Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Diet Shmiet

Here comes the bad news....I have completely failed in my dieting this past week. I was doing so well, and now, truth be told, I have done terrible. I think the Easter Bunny & Satan got together and plotted ways to tempt me. It's true- I was weak! Those cute little M&M's that look like mini eggs and have crackly yumminess on the outer shell, and those sugar cookies that I caked in cute colored frosting and decorated with my family spoke to me....NAY!- they called me by name and said, "Eat me or die!", and so to avoid death I ate...and ate...and ate some more. And now, I STILL have 2 pounds to lose with 1 week left to go.
So, here is my blog post to let you know that I am starting over...again...right now! I will try to get there by next week. I'll have to be really good, but here's to trying. I'm semi-reluctantly (because it's easier to just eat whatever I want) getting back up on that horse and trying again. Oye! Wish me luck. =)

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Dax and Jen said...

Oh Jena, you are so thin, two pounds isn't going to do much for you, sorry. :) I know though, it's about that magic number and the control to get there after baby, so I'll wish you luck.