Tuesday, June 08, 2010

State Track Meet

My little brother, Travis had his high school state track meet a couple of weeks ago. Luckily it was in Eugene, so we took the boys down and were able to watch him race. Logan must have felt inspired by all the runners because he exemplified them the entire time we were there by running every-which-way. Everyone got a kick out of watching him run back and forth and back and forth, pausing to say hi or asking random strangers to pick him up. Have I mentioned before that this kid has no fear and is the most friendly child alive?
Shaffer caught a little cat-nap while Logan burned enough energy for the two of them combined. (Hopefully this isn't coming off as a complaint because it really isn't- it's just how he is and I love him for it!)

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Whitney said...

wow, logan and millie really will have to get tog. they sound so much alike- crazy, active, overly friendly! so fun! it'd be so fun to watch them run all over the place tog.