Tuesday, June 08, 2010

KF Trip

Josh, the boys and I went down to KF for the weekend. Josh went camping with my Travis, my dad and the scouts (...and nearly lost his life kayaking but that's another story), so the kids and I hung out with my mom!! Here's what we did.....get ready for picture overload...

We thought it would be really cute to play with paint and get the boys hand and foot prints. What do you think, did Logan enjoy it?

Travis and Logan mowed the lawn together...

We took Logan for a quad ride and remarkably he actually enjoyed it! We couldn't go to far because (we had a flat tire and didn't know it...I mean...) the road we wanted to go on is now closed to the public.

My mom set a goal earlier on this year for us to do a 5k together, so we ended up walking in the Lake of the Woods run/walk. My (82 year old) grandma joined us and did amazing. We took the boys along, and....I'll let you be the judge- do you think Logan had fun? Baaaahahahha. He was all hunky-dory until his evil mom decided to take him away from throwing bark and eating dirt and strapped him snuggly in a stroller to be pushed along for 3.1 miles. He had had enough after 2 miles, so I ended up carrying/chasing him for the last mile.
We actually had a really good time and it made me want to get out and do some races. I have been running for a while and have been looking forward to the summer-time when they have a lot of road races. I haven't registered for anything yet but I plan on doing a couple of 5 or 10ks. Are any of you doing any races this summer?

(We were the 4 Generation team!)

My boys don't get a lot of chances to get out and get dirty. We don't have a yard, so it was fun to be able to let the boys roam around and throw rocks, play in the dirt, play in the puddles, and be boys.

My boys generally don't fall asleep anywhere but their cribs, so when we had this little moment here we ate it up! I wish I could hold on to these moments forever.

This little guy is getting around like no other. He crawls all over the place and pulls himself up on to everything. The older he gets the smaller the size and developmental difference gets between him and Logan and the more I feel like I have twins. They are so cute and such good buddies- I'll just let myself be naive here and pretend that they will never fight and that they will always be the best of friends. =)


The Constantines said...

Oh how full is my little heart! I'm glad you got to do the 5k with mom :) That's great! The boys looked like they had so much fun too.

mom/Anne said...

joy joy joy!!!

jamie t. said...

What a great trip! I love the pictures too. Never an over-load :)