Saturday, July 17, 2010


I just realized that I have completely forgotten to blog about the many changes that we have been going through and have yet to go through. I think it's because most people who look at my blog already know the news so I haven't even thought about putting it up on here.
After months...and months...and many more months of debating, praying, thinking, pondering, questioning (you get the idea) we have decided to move back to Utah. Again, this isn't really new news because we have known for a few months now but for those who I don't have close contact with here ya go.
Josh is going to go back to school to do his Master's in Public Administration, at BYU. He is beyond thrilled to be starting school the end of August. I am excited but nervous beyond nervous too. I like change but we are getting hit with a bucket load of changes. The problem is is that it doesn't feel real one teeny tiny bit because we STILL are trying to sell our house (sorry to everyone who has to hear me moan about this 24/7) and so we have yet to decide when we are moving to Utah (we know it will be before August 30th), where we will live, if our house will be sold, or if we will have renters, etc.... It has probably been the most stressful 7 months of my life. Having 2 kids 11 months apart is a piece of cake next to all this house selling stuff.
Anyways, this wasn't meant to be a negative post. Amidst all the chaos and stress there have been some really good things. We have learned that there is no way in the world we could make huge decisions like these without the power of prayer; we have learned that God some times takes a really....REALLY long time to answer prayers (we're still in the middle of that one) and that patience truly is a virtue; and I've learned about the power of the Atonement and how it reaches every aspect of life.
We are excited about going to Utah so we can be closer to Josh's family, and so that Josh can study something he is passionate about, but we are also incredibly sad to be leaving here. We see my family a lot (relatively speaking) and are so grateful for our close relationships with them; we have made a lot of friends and have been in the most amazing ward of all time, and we love where we live...we are surrounded by amazing parks and shops and a whole slew of fun things. Can you tell I am really sad to leave? However, I won't miss the girls hairy armpits that I saw today or all the Obama stickers, or the rain. =)


The Bell Family said...

Jena, that is SO exciting! Moving can be scary but a really fun adventure. We will have to get together sometime after you get settled. I am about 30 minutes from Provo, I'm out in Eagle Mountain.

Anonymous said...

Yippie! I'm super excited for you! We have been trying to sell our house in Klamath for over a year... only 1 person has looked at it. (sorry, hope that doesn't discourage you!) Everything will work out. Matt reminded me today that I think and worry way too much about the present, the future is what really matters and it sounds like you've got your priorities in the right place!
Keep us posted on the move!

Dax and Jen said...

I know you are sad to leave, but we are so EXCITED to have you here! Let us know when you have specifics, we can't wait to see you.

Jenny said...

Ooh, fun adventure! So much are you selling your house for... :)

The Shupes said...

Yeah for Utah!! But good luck with everything. I am sure you are stressed, but you have such great faith!