Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Blueberry picking & more...

This morning me and my boys, plus two of my friends, Darcy & Courtney and their boys, Grae and Arlo all went to pick blueberries at a local farm. I haven't ever done it even though we have been here for 3 1/2 summers now. I was fairly nervous about how Logan would do but it's just because I didn't realize we would be out in the middle of nowhere and that he was safe to run around. I got a big bowl full of blueberries and paid $3.10 for them. I am in love.
All day long Logan begs me to watch a show and I finally (I know...I'm a little slow) that the reason he's doing it is because he is so stinkin' bored. Duh! So this week I have made it a goal to find creative things for them to do every single day...big or small.
This was our day:
1st- pick blueberries (and get completely filthy and caked in mud....see below pictures for visual)
2nd- go to the most amazing and gorgeous park with no pants or shoes on (no, I was not included in this) because our clothes are so filthy we can't wear them.
3rd- take a MUCH needed bath
4th- nap
5th- go to the zoo because it is only $4 per adult today. That was a try and a fail. No parking available. Darn!
6th- side walk chalk outside/ball throwing
7th- eat dinner
8th- time for bed

It was a much better day and ended with much less begging that yesterday. Oh how I love summer activities and little boys to entertain.

We live right next to a MAX line, so any time the train passes Logan gives a big, "OOOOOO!!!"


Rachel said...

A picture of Arlo without his walker! Oh, sorry Jena, this is your blog:) If you go picking again, give me a call! Maisey loves blueberries! That is one busy day you had. We have always been on the run like that (and still are_... With loving caution I warn, be careful... My kids, at 18 months old would stand at the door, and hold the door knob to leave, while I was taking OFF my shoes. They, like me, have to be busy (and gone) pratically every minute! I'm working on finding a middle ground. With my personality and Chad's, I think we're getting there:) And a completely predictable day, breakfast, chores, learning time, lunch, nap, and PLAY, PLAY, PLAY, followed by dinner, bath, scriptures, and bed, always helps- even when they are new toddlers! It's funyn how they just know what's coming.

The Weatherspoon's said...

Josh, Your boys are so cute (in the most manly way of course) and it looks like you are having fun there in Oregon, those berry patches look real fun too

The Constantines said...

Bahaha! So cute :) You're a great little mommy- I love that you let your boys get all dirty. Remind me to be like you when I'm a mom. ;)