Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The MacDonald's Come to Town

My (favorite, amazing, hilarious, gorgeous) cousin, Julie & her family came and spent a few days with us last weekend. I'd like to think it was just because they can't stand being apart from us, but in reality it was because they had a few doctor appointments. Unfortunately I don't have a single picture of them but I have lots of my kids and theirs.
I was able to watch Brynlie & Dane while they took Kelson to his doctor visits, and boy howdy did we ever have a good time. Dane is theeee most content little child I have ever seen. Brynlie and I played house & detective almost all day (I may or may not have liked it more than she did), we colored on the windows, played in the water, read books, watched a quick show, did a makeover, & played some more make-believe. It was so much fun.
My boys love the swings. It's so cute to see their faces light up and to hear their little giggles.

We took the kids to a near-by park that I have fallen in love with. My kids were a little shy at first but once they warmed up to the idea of water shooting up periodically out of the ground they really liked it. Plus it was 95 degrees outside and we don't have AC so we were all ready to cool off. We finished the day off with pizza and a movie.

Logan was obsessed with Kelson. I felt like I hardly played with him the whole time they were here because Kelson did all the work for me. Logan copied everything Kelson did and was enamored with him the whole time. I can't be certain but I'm pretty sure Kelson was having a blast too....he got to be such a big boy and have little Logan follow him around.

I know I am the worst photographer on the face of the earth, but I still love this picture because all the boys (minus Shaffer) are eating toast. Am I the only one who thinks that is cute?
Shaffer loved Brynlie. She was so cute and would get down on the floor and talk to him in a baby voice. He actually sat there happily with her for nearly 5 minutes. He won't even sit still that long with me.

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The Constantines said...

How fun! I love the window paint- brilliant I say, just brilliant!