Wednesday, July 07, 2010


We got to spend a whole week on the lake with my family. We were over in the Florence (OR) area and had the best time.

Uncle Brad & Aunt Molly getting in some practice with the boys. They are expecting their first baby Christmas day!

Not only did we get to wake up to this amazing view every day (I know...not the best shot), but we got do all these fun things...
The boys actually had room to run around and explore. I would cut off my right arm and leg if I could only have a front yard. Logan was entertained for hours on end all because he could walk out the front door and run...and run...and run some more.
We talked, and played a million rounds of "Pictionary Man" and "Wits and Wages"....ridiculously fun!

Got some snuggle time with Aunt Molly & Uncles TY, Brad & Travis.
All tuckered out from a hard day of fun!
TJ brought his dog, India, and believe it or not it actually makes me want a Great Dane. Once Logan warmed to her he was enamored with her. He would run to the other end of the yard and then run back to get India, or chase after her if she ran, he even gave her a kiss when she was laying down.
The lake water was WAAAYYYY too cold for my boys, so instead we swam in the hot tub (don't worry it wasn't too hot). Logan and Shaffer would have stayed in there for hours had we let them.
This pictures makes my heart melt for a whole slew of reasons.
The beach was fah-reeeezing cold. Our poor boys were shivering cold (literally), but they were troopers and eventually enjoyed themselves.

Grandma helped Logan not be so afraid of the sand.

Josh, Travis and Darren (one of Travis' friends) all got to skim board? skee board? Not sure. (I'm actually pretty sure it isn't either of those.) They were brave to do it in the 40 degree water.
Papa Lynn snuggled Shaffer and boy was he content.
Who doesn't love naked baby cheeks?

Josh and I took Logan kayaking. Logan did great and sat happily with daddy. It was my first time (I think) kayaking and I loved it. I wish we could have had more time to do it.

This was actually the first time we took the boys to the beach and as you can see Logan wasn't too happy about the sand.
We all had wet suits to swim in the lake, which helped out tons. It wasn't too bad once you got in the water but the first few minutes were hard...even with the wet suits. We also got to jet ski, which I don't have any pictures of, but that was fun too.

Thanks mom and dad for a great week!


Jaime said...

Jen, it sure was nice to see all of you guys. Your parents are just the best!

The Constantines said...

So fun! You have no idea how much I wish we could have been there too... Wa. ;)

mom/Anne said...

Oh I love all these pictures!!! They are wonderful. My fave is of Lynn holding Shaffer with his cheek on his little head. Melt my heart! Thanks for sharing all the pictures!