Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A little of Shaffer

This little man is nearly 11 months old. Did you catch that? 11 stinkin' months! He is an absolute hoot. Here are some fun things about my cutie patootie:
-He loves his big brother soooooo much!
-He is cheerful 90% of the time
-He loves to be tickled
-He keeps his mouth open (like you see in all of these pictures) 98% of the time
-He likes to go up/touch/get in to everything that he shouldn't... such as... the stairs, the cats, the kitty water, precious figurines, other fragile home decor, wii remotes, real remotes, etc...
-He just barely took his first steps but has only done it twice since!
-He has the sweetest smile that makes my heart totally melt
-He loves to be held or played with
-He is a mama's boy

I love this little guy. He is such a good baby/soon-to-be toddler.

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The Constantines said...

Wow. Melt the heart. We need to see each other SOON!