Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A little of Logan

Logan is nearly 2 years old now. I feel like he should still be my little newborn, but he reminds me daily that he is definitely a growing toddler. I love this little guy. He has a lot of personality and sometimes seems a bit bipolar (not literally but you know how 2 year olds are). Here are some fun things about L (some of this won't be new)-
-He LOVES the Backyardigans and Bolt.
-He loves to run
-He loves books
-He loves to be outside so he can run and throw rocks and dirt
-He loves his brother and asks for "Shay! Shay!" whenever he isn't around
-He loves to share his food with Shaffer
-He refuses to say mom or mama. He can say it, he just won't! I can't even bribe him to say it. M&M's and Backyardigans are his two favorite things and he won't say mama for either of those things. I totally stinks!
-Running...running...and more running
-He just learned how to say "applesauce", "awesome!", "I want this", "outside". (He has been a slow talker but seems to be adding new words daily right now.)
-He gives really good hugs and kisses

Having two kids that are less than a year apart is really hard in a lot of ways, but sometimes I wonder if it really would be any different/easier if they were further apart in age....either way it is hectic and crazy most of the time, but probably hard in a lot of the same ways. I'm not sure though. My point is that although I nearly had a panic attack every single day of my pregnancy with Shaffer it really has turned out to be a huge blessing. These little guys love each other and are already protective of one another. I hope that they will stay this way forever. Right now they love being together and they will often make each other crack up laughing and it puts me in stitches just hearing them. Being a mom really is the best job in the world (or maybe it's just that my kids are especially awesome)!

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