Wednesday, September 29, 2010

WANTED: Advice

For the past little while I have had a few constant things run through my mind and because I am new to this mothering business I thought I would take it to the blog and ask other mothers and wives.

First off- what do you do with your kids all day? I feel like lately I have drawn a blank with what to do with my kids. Perhaps it's because I am in a new place and haven't figured out the best parks, library activities and other local activities but more than just those things I want to know what other mothers do with their kids all day. How much of that time do you spend playing with and teaching them vs. getting other things done?
I need some good age appropriate ideas for things I can do with them because I love to play with my kids it's just that I feel like I run out of ideas (and energy) after a while and then we are all bored.

Secondly- how do you keep from counting down the hours until your husband gets home? I severely miss Josh all day long. I know I have gotten spoiled over the past few years because his running schedule was pretty relaxed and he was home a good part of the day, but now that he is gone from 7am-5:15 pm every single day it has me wondering how other wives handle it. I HATE the mornings because I know that with every single one I will get that sick feeling inside of me when Josh says good-bye and I know that I have 10 more hours until he gets home. If you have the same feelings what do you do about them?

If you stuck through this boring post with no pictures, thank you!


Courtney B said...

well, your first question. i don't really even know. i am still figuring that one out. i recently got some art stuff, crayons and play dough, but he is still figuring it out. it's fun though, and it's time that i spend with him because he can't do that stuff on his own.

2nd question, i feel i have more expertise in. dan works upwards of 12 hours a day. he comes home and works and works. there are days when i hate it and we get in disagreements about it because he stays up all night working too... but for the most part, i think you just have to come to terms with it. when i just say to myself and am "OKAY" with the fact that I am on my own for such amount of time, i can deal. however, if i get in the mode of "waiting" for him to finish working or come home, i go crazy and get stressed easier and am more on edge. even though it's not easy, i think you can come to terms with it and it makes life easier when it's the norm. did that even make any sense???

Brian, Emily, Charlie, and Lucy said...

Hmmm. When you find the answers to these two questions, will you let us know?!?!

But here's what we do around here...I am trying to build a weekly schedule for my little crew with something every morning (Monday morning = music makers, Tuesday mornings = playing with a friend; Wednesday = library storytime; Thursday = parkday, Friday = fun at home day, etc...). We have our fun in the morning, come home and do lunch, naps, and then its mom's turn:) Depending on what needs to be done, we'll run errands, or Charlie will play while I do laundry, etc... It's working well so far -- I've been tweaking this for several weeks now, but so far, so good. Hopefully that is helpful.

As far as missing the hubby, just know that you are in good company and eventually, it will become the new normal. (That is, like, the most discouraging thing I ever could have written, right?!) But to get through the harder days, I'll plan Brian's favorite dinner, or we'll draw pictures for daddy, or I'll bombard his inbox with emails... Essentially, I'll do anything to feel connected to him while he's away. And when all else fails (like 4:30 - 5:30 every day...) Mickey Mouse Clubhouse save my tail.

Good luck with everything -- know that you are an amazing mom and that you are not alone:)

Jaime said...

That goes for both questions. your kids get to play with other kids either at your house, the park or even a kids place at nasty McDonalds. And you get some girl time with the other mom or moms so you don't end up checking the clock all day.
Also, after I read your first question I wanted to remember to tell you about an awesome book (you can get it at Deseret and I may have told you about it once) it's called Piggyback Rides and Slippery Slides -by Lynnae W. Allred. It is AWESOME and gives you such great ideas and advice about having fun with your kids.

hope that helps, love ya!

Hoppers said...

When my kids were little, I was pretty good at keeping us all in a really regular schedule each day. The kids were part of the morning routine of chores, breakfast etc. Then we'd have an organized play time, clean up, lunch, nap/quiet time, more play time and getting ready for dinner. That's a pretty "simple" view of it, but the routine was something I held on to. It broke up the day and gave me "landmarks" to the day. Of course we were very flexible and times and seasons changed the routine on a regular basis.
I can't believe it all went by so quickly!

Carroll Conversations said...

I'll echo Laurie on her post. I started to write more stuff, but it's waaay too long for a comment on your blog, so I'll just email it to you =)

Dax and Jen said...

We need to get together Jena! I totally agree with the comment about how spending time with other moms and letting your kids play while you chat makes the day go by WAY faster. My phone is dead right now (courtesy of Hayden+water)but when I have one I will call you!

The Smiths said...

Currently I do a nursery lesson with Natalie each morning after the rest of the family heads out the door. We do a little preschool time (starbritelearning) - keeping it simple. I once read of a mother who had a nursery lesson with her kids and then they were more content afterward to let her accomplish some of her stuff.

In our ideal life we would have an outing each day 10-12; but we're in a new place, too, so it isn't like that yet. Poor Natalie is always saying "Go bye bye." Listening to an audiobook on my nano helps me not be bored at the park (and packing lots of snacks and drinks lets us stay longer).

When Lydia and Clara were little we had bath time twice a day because it was fun and let me have a break.

FRIENDS are the answer for the long time without a spouse. When L & C were little I had a friend that I could call and invite myself over for the long afternoons. Lifesavers! Hopefully we can each meet some great new friends in our new parts of the world!

Anita said...

Jena I just posted on my blog for ideas to help keep Pax engaged and learning! Too funny. So I'll see what people tell me:)
I always count down hours till mark gets home. We just miss him. But the most advice I can give is to have a bit of a schedule everyday and that helps me.

Brian, Emily, Charlie, and Lucy said...

I just came across this blog and thought of you! I'm definitely going to be bookmarking this one:)