Monday, October 11, 2010


I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who gave me such great advice on activities for my kids. It has been extremely helpful and I finally got all of my thoughts and the ideas organized and put in one place, so that I have go-to items, as well as planned activities for each week.
I have to say that for some reason Logan hasn't been any better since I have started doing things. I tried doing some painting with him and he cried the whole time. We have tried a few of the other activities as well but frankly all this kid wants to do is run and read. He doesn't like to have me play with him. I have tried playing cars, dinosaurs, etc...but he just doesn't want to sit still or copy me. I know I need to give it (a lot) more time, and I certainly will, I was just hoping for some immediate results.
That sounds a bit contradictory to what I said about being "extremely helpful", but I do have to say that even though we haven't had success in all things yet (of course) I know that it will be helpful and I at least have peace of mind that I am doing my best and giving him opportunities to learn and grow.
For those of you who might have had kids go through this or whose kids are going through this right now, I was wondering, do all kids pass through a phase where they are cranky, irritated, whiny, and blatantly disobedient? Logan is a good kid, don't get me wrong, but he has been abnormally whiny and irritable for the past week or so. What do you do? Other than teething, is it just the "terrible two's", or is it that we are in a new, smaller place? All of the above?

*Does anyone want a list of all the activities that I received and that I had from other things?


that's what she said...

i'm obviously no pro, but i do know that from experience with my almost 3 year old and from other friends that it's definitely a phase. Ethan whines all the time and is blatantly disobedient. He finds being naughty hilarious (especially when he wants attention) and has no empathy whatsoever (like, making bennett cry is a big joke to him). I've heard it gets better. Right about the time that you become numb to it. :) Good luck! You're an awesome mom!

Doug & Stef said...

It is a phase, but a repetitive one! West still goes through it. They are good and then they are naughty and then good again. Sometimes, I think it's because he doesn't feel good or is growing, etc. Every time he goes through a hard phase, I think to myself, "I don't know what I'm doing. I need to get a book." But then he grows out of it...and then back into it. Sometimes, it's even day to day :)

Patrick, Adrienne, & Bella said...

bella has been going through this too! and she does things she's not supposed to, then looks at me with a very cute face and says, "is that funny?" and scrunches up her face. haha. how do you not laugh and go on with "no that isn't funny?" when frankly that moment was hysterical. haha.

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