Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Sick of being sick

It's been a rough month in the Rohatinsky household. It seems like we keep getting hit with one bug after another and my kids (and Josh and me) cannot stay well. Someone is always sick.

Little Shaffer has had it the worst of us all. He had an ear infection a few weeks ago, and then had to be put on a nebulizer because his breathing was wheezy, then last week he had really high fevers (up to 105.6 degrees), so he has been nothing but fussy and clingy ever since. On his first full day without a fever he broke into a rash all over his face, back and stomach. Turns out he had baby measles. Thankfully his temperature is much improved, but unfortunately his temperament is still fussy and clingy.
As for Logan, he was the one who started us with the fevers and, thankfully, he got better really fast, but then two nights ago he woke up with a croupy sounding cough and sure enough it turns out it is croup. =(

I'm trying to be that patient, loving mother who is always sympathetic and sweet while her children are under the weather but it turns out that role comes less naturally for me than I'd like it to.
To be brutally honest, it is all that I can do to not run away kicking and screaming. Cranky, impatient and easily annoyed are all words that might describe how I have felt recently.
The good news is is that with MUCH self-control I haven't run away yet and I am still here taking care of my sweet babies. Shaffer, who is not normally cuddly, has given me the best hugs ever since he's been sick. I certainly won't complain about getting affection from him...or Logan.
Despite how much these past weeks have tested my patience, it has made me incredibly grateful for medicine, cuddling/nurturing time with my boys, the opportunity that I have to be there for my kids and to help meet their needs, and most of all, for a Savior who hears and answers my prayers and walks with me through thick and thin.
Again, I just want to emphasize one more time how thankful I am for medicine. Tylenol seems like such a silly thing to be grateful for because it's easily accessible and inexpensive and we've had it around for years, but the thought ran through my mind while Shaffer had his fever of 105 that if I didn't have that Tylenol that I could possibly lose my baby. Of course in this day and age there are hospitals and other things that I can rely on, in addition to medicine, but back in the old days many parents lost children to things as simple as high fevers because they didn't have the medicine to help. This experience was a good reminder to me that I am much more blessed than I realize, and that there are so many "simple" things that I take for granted every day.


yvonne enger said...

Sorry to hear this, I hope you are all well soon. I remember those days when my kids were little, it is so hard when the mom, isn't getting her sleep. Hang in there, your a great mom. Miss seeing you in Primary. Take care

Doug & Stef said...

So not fun! I went to Primary Children's today for labs for my boy and teared up just being there reminded how grateful I am for him and modern medicine. Then we both bawled our way through getting poked :(. I frequently forget that Tylenol is a fever reducer - but works like a charm! Get lots of movies. When you or your kids are sick, I think movies and matching games (memory), their favorite juice boxes, and their blankeys are saving grace!

Sara Richins said...

Jake had Roseola (baby measles) at Christmas 4 years ago. It was awful and we were at my parents house. Not fun, but he recovered just fine. I hate when everyone just keeps getting sick. We finally got done with that a few weeks ago and haven't picked up anything...yet. Hope everyone feels well soon!

The Mortenson's said...

No fun! Poor Shaffer especially! That sucks to have so many people sick for so long. I'm glad we have avoided getting any bugs so far this season- it would bite to push while sick and tired! My only request for the blog: more pictures! Shaffer looks huge in that pic with Josh! He is a toddler now?! Thats insane!