Friday, January 07, 2011

My boys...

I know I need to catch up from Christmas time, but I thought these pictures were far too funny to pass up.
You see, my boys can't stand to be apart. I know now why I had them so close....It was a plot designed by them. They just couldn't stand being apart in heaven, so they went to work and made sure that they would be together ASAP.
These boys love to play together. Thankfully Shaffer is one tough cookie because his brother doesn't cut him any slack.
The other morning Logan was extremely cranky and nothing I did helped, but as soon as Shaffer woke up from his nap Logan was his normal cheery self again. He just needed his brother to make him happy.
Logan always makes sure that Shaffer is taken care of. If Logan has something (food, toy, etc...) he isn't content until he makes sure that Shaffer is happy. He says, "Shay too? Shay too!" until he sees that Shay isn't left without. He'll even give up his toys or food to make sure that Shay is happy. I know...cute, huh?!
These boys are just WAY too cute and way too much fun (when they aren't sick)!


mamasylvia said...

Love all the wrestling pictures:D Have you stopped to think what it's going to be like for you (and your house!) when they get a little bigger, though? Just think Justin, Josh, & Jared:O

mom/Anne said...

Too funny!!! And oh so cute!!!