Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A little of the boys, and a little cheese.

FINALLY- a post! I know, I know...I haven't blogged in forever (...again). Truth be told I don't really have any excuse other than the fact that I haven't had anything juicy to write about, so instead I haven't done anything.
We have had a serious case of cabin fever for approximately 2 months now. We are all bored stiff at home, but to go anywhere is pure insanity. Whenever we try to do something fun it ends up turning into me chasing after the boys (running in opposite directions...while leaving my purse behind for anyone to snatch), and I get cranky. I love my kids to death, but I will say that they are not what you would call calm.
Logan and Shaffer are both getting so big. Logan is a very active, adorable boy. He is talking a lot now and I LOVE it. He cracks me up, and I definitely have to think twice about what I say, otherwise he'll copy it.
Shaffer is also starting to talk a bit. He tries to copy some things I say but they don't come out clear yet. He does say: mama, dada, kitty, cracker, more, ba ba (bottle). He is also very active. He and Logan run around our house all day long.

I have been busy with the boys (#1), but in my free time I love to read. I am in my 5th book for the year, and I just can't get enough. I read "The Undaunted" by Gerald N. Lund, and I could not put it down. I stayed up until 1 almost every morning, and woke up at 6 to read before the boys got up...until I finished it 6 days later.
I am just about half way through my 2nd round of P90X and still loving it. I go to Josh's parents house to run on their treadmill 2 or 3 times a week (3 is ideal), because I don't feel like the P90X cardio is as good as running.

Josh is busy, busy, busy. He is in his 2nd semester in the MPA program and loving it. He is going to do Hospital Administration, and has just recently started working part-time at the American Fork hospital. The assistant hospital admin. has really reached out to Josh and been a huge help. He is the one who gave him the position and it was all because he wanted to help Josh gain experience (so that later down the line he would have an easier time getting a job). We are very grateful for his kindness and help.
Have I mentioned that they love books? And that they love to pull books (or anything) off the shelves? Even though it makes a mess (and I HATE messes) I'm grateful that they love the world of books. We have a lot of fun discovering and reading new books. Logan discovered his love of monsters, and trucks, and Elmo, and bubbles from books. I do, however, need to find new books because they are losing interest. Any suggestions?

Logan loves to copy Josh. Both he and Shay love to wear Josh's shoes and walk around. I would be more than happy if they grew up to be just like their daddy.
Logan....my child who won't sleep anywhere but his bed, is going through a phase were he sleeps on the floor or rocking chair every day for naps. Sometimes he'll nap, sometimes he won't, but whenever he does nap he sleeps in the funniest places and positions. Just yesterday I found him asleep on the rocking chair with no pants...and no diaper. =) He really likes his quiet/nap time. He has his "Cars" cars, and a few of his favorite books that he thumbs through. He also has some underwear, that I bought in efforts to get him thinking about potty training, that he loves to pull out of his drawer and throw in the air (over and over and over). =) He cracks me up.

My boys really are inseparable. Whenever one of them leaves the room, give it 30 seconds and the other starts on a mad search for his brother. They are stinkin' cute. They have their tiffs here and there, but generally they get along really well. I love them and am so grateful for how happy they make me/our family. It makes me curious to see what our other children will be like (although I'm not thinking too much about it).
I know I have said this before but this past year+ has been a VERY rough one for me. There are times where I simply don't think I can hack it (...and I feel like I am a pretty tough person). HOWEVER, the point I want to get at is that although it has been really hard (and still is) my testimony of the gospel has grown immensely. Not all my prayers have been answered in the way I have wanted/do want them to be, but through it all I know that the Lord is watching over me and guiding our little family.
The past 3 months or so, Josh and I have been waking up before the boys to do our scripture reading (not saying this to boast) and I am so grateful for what a difference it has made. Even though my days aren't as perfect as I would like, I can only imagine how rough they would feel if I didn't get up early and start my day out inviting the Savior to walk beside me.
I need the Savior, and I love Him! I have been amazed at all the little miracles that I have witnessed this past year. Even though He is still having me walk this hard road, He has NOT left me comfortless. He has given me just enough strength or more than enough strength to keep me going. I still have to grit my teeth and bear the hard days, but I do not do it alone. And for the I am eternally grateful.
One of my favorite quotes from "The Undaunted" was, "[I] have every intention to first live by covenant, and then, and only then, by comfort and convenience.". This is my new motto. I, again, am grateful for a loving and merciful Father in Heaven who lets us pass through difficult times so that we can grow. I know that without my trials I would not have received/be receiving the testimony that I now have.


Dax and Jen said...

So excited for an update!! We miss you!

The Constantines said...

Amen, girl. Can't wait to see your face tomorrow!

mamasylvia said...

LOVE the pictures:D Can't wait to see the little guys - and you bigger ones too, of course;) - again!! Logan is sooo funny with all the interesting positions he finds to sleep in:)