Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Logan's sleeping habits

These are a few of the random shots I have taken of Logan over the past few weeks. Now, let me explain, Logan is the type of kid who can't fall asleep anywhere but in a bed, but lately he has been falling asleep in the most random positions and places. It shocks me every time.

Logan behind the rocking chair
Yep....that's him tucked behind that chair....can you see?

This was probably the most shocking/hilarious/scary. Thankfully there was nothing to clean up (...if ya know what I mean).

Really? Bent in half over the rocking chair?

Poor kid got a nudge in the back when I opened the door, not expecting him to be right in front of it.


The Constantines said...

I need me some snuggle time with these cuties! haha, I love just how random Logan is!

mamasylvia said...

Looks like he just likes to put his own spin on things. I remember Josh doing kind of the same thing. Only it was usually just sleeping with his feet up on the bars of the crib - and later on the wall by his bed - and often with one foot crossed over and resting on the opposite knee. I've even got pictures of that one:D Don't ever remember him removing his own diaper to sleep though ... thank heavens!;-)